“These guys are not dudes that are made out of stone,” Jorge Masvidal criticizes Kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns, and Colby Covington

Jorge Masvidal is absolutely ready to do right with all wrong that happened in his first faceoff against Kamaru Usman at their rematch on UFC 261.

Jorge Masvidal, kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington
Jorge Masvidal, kamaru Usman, Gilbert Burns and Colby Covington

The baddest Motherfu**er of the UFC Welterweight division, Jorge Masvidal will be returning back into action at UFC 261 in a rematch against the champion Kamaru Usman to accomplish what he couldn’t in their first faceoff.

They both first fought almost 10 months ago where Masvidal picked the fight on just 5 days’ notice and the event happened behind closed doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many things have changed since then and now it is going to be the first UFC event that is going to allow a full crowd. In his latest interview with ESPN, Jorge Masvidal says,

“For starters, let me say what an honor that I get to welcome the world back to regularness and to headline a full event, full capacity, and I’m the one headlining it. It is such an honor. Just for life to go back to the way it is, I love it. What an honor, what a blessing it is, truly.”

Since his first loss, Jorge Masvidal is blaming all for not being able to attend full camp before this fight. Now he had a full camp and he believes he is in better shape now.

Jorge Masvidal added, “Usually I cut seven to nine pounds for a fight when I have proper notice and that’s the same exact thing I’m cutting now, Last time it wasn’t the same, it was about 20 pounds. I’m just excited. I’m ready to go. I’m ready to shut this s*** down.”

“It’s gonna be violent action from start to finish. I’m gonna expose the coward that he is and I say that with all honesty because he’s nothing but a coward. He said a lot of things that crossed the line. So let’s go. Let’s get in there and find out who is a real man and who is not.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

Jorge Masvidal believes he’ll right the wrong that happened in July

Jorge Masvidal
Jorge Masvidal

Kamaru Usman is coming off a win against Gilbert Burns in February but this doesn’t impress Gamebred. He added, “I got in there 25 minutes with him and I never wobbled,”

“He never hit my chin and I said, ‘Oh snap, I don’t want to get hit again.’ I was very tired, I was fatigued, and that’s usually when the hit will hurt you. That’s like times triple. If you’re fatigued and somebody touches you, it’s way worse. He doesn’t hit, he doesn’t crack.”

Masvidal continued, “The scouting report? Who is he doing it against? The last guy that he beat up was a BJJ guy and the fight before that that he broke his jaw was some fragile wrestler guy (Colby Covington). These guys are not dudes that are made out of stone.”

“They’re not dudes that made a living off this (brandishes his fist). Those guys that he beat up on the feet are dudes that made a living off ‘Let me hug another man’ and stuff like that. I don’t compete like that, I don’t make my money like that. People pay to see me because I’m gonna give them what they want: entertainment and nothing but violence.” {H/T MMA Fighting}

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“Colby Covington’s next,” says Dana White as he indicates that Covington can get the title shot after UFC 261.