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Jose Mourinho slams Tottenham Hotspur’s players for lack of passion as Dinamo Zagreb destroy them

Tottenham Hotspur were defeated 3-0 by Croatian side Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Europa league. Jose Mourinho has heavily criticised his players.

Tottenham Hotspur crashed out of the UEFA Europa League on Thursday night at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb. The London side had a 2-0 advantage going into the second leg but lost 3-0 in an outstanding game in a major disappointing performance.

‘Every match is important to me’ : Jose Mourinho

In a week wherein Dinamo Zagreb coach Zoran Mamic went into imprisonment for four years and was replaced by a substitute coach, nobody gave the Croatian side any chance. But how wrong they have proven everybody.

However the pressure is now mounting on Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur who have now lost yet another opportunity to secure silverware. Mourinho heavily criticised his players and went as far as saying that only one team showed the passion to win.

Furthermore Jose Mourinho even went into the Dinamo Zagreb dressing room after the match and clapped for them to congratulate for the the fantastic display. Mourinho feels his players showed no passion to win the match.

Jose Mourinho

“If I forget the last minutes of extra-time, where we did something to get a different result and go through, in the 90 minutes and first half of extra-time was one team that decided to leave everything on the pitch,” Mourinho told after match.
“They left sweat, energy, blood. In the end they left even tears of happiness. Very humble and committed. I have to praise them. On the other side, my team. I repeat, my team. They didn’t look like it was playing an important match. If for any one of them it is not important, for me it is.
“For the respect I have for my career and my job, every match is important. For every Tottenham fan at home every match matters. Another attitude is needed. To say I feel sad is not enough.