Jurgen Klopp Slams Roy Keane over calling Liverpool ‘Sloppy’

Liverpool boss fires Roy Keane in the post-match conference as Keane calls Liverpool's team performance 'Sloppy".


Liverpool faced Arsenal on Monday night which saw them overhaul Arteta’s side quite easily. Klopp’s men won the game 3-1, but there were enough moments for Arsenal’s Lacazette to equalise. The dramatic moment came in the post-match interview, as Klopp fires Roy Keane.

Jurgen Klopp vs Roy Keane:


Arsenal scored first with Sadio Mane equalising soon after within 3 minutes. Andy Robertson, whose fault lead to Arsenal’s goal, got the second goal in the 34th minute. Lacazette missed two easy in-the-box chances, as Alisson came up strong against the Frenchman. In the post-match interview with Sky Sports, Klopp heard Roy Keane call his team’s performance “sloppy” which triggered the German. 

“Did I hear it right, that Mr Keane said it was a sloppy performance tonight?” Klopp asked. “I could hear you already, did he say that?” “I just wanted to hear it,” he said. “I’m not sure I heard it right, maybe he was speaking about another game… it cannot be this game, sorry! That is an incredible description of this game, that was absolutely exceptional. Nothing was sloppy, absolutely nothing.”

Liverpool celebrate

“From the first second, we were dominant against a team in form, 100 per cent in form. You have to be careful like hell and not get counter-attacked. I think 60 or 70 per cent of all the balls in behind were offside. You have to wait a little longer for the flag now so that’s why it feels not great, but they were offside.

“Alisson had to make one save, they had two balls in behind, you cannot avoid that. You need a goalie in these situations. Apart from that, the football we played was absolutely exceptional tonight. About this game tonight, there is nothing bad to say. It was the opposite of sloppy.” You could see the tension on Keane’s face who still did manage to get in a final comment in, “Very sensitive, Jesus. Imagine if he’d lost!”

This victory finally comes after Arsenal won against Liverpool in the Community Shield as they blew the Premier League champions over.

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