Jurgen Klopp’s mother Elisabeth Klopp dies at the age of 81 with the former not able to attend the funeral due to travel restrictions

The demeanor of the Liverpool manager could be understood now as with the knowledge that his mother was unwell and yet he couldn't be with her at the last stages of her life. It is better to now respect his feelings and give him the time and space he needs.

Jurgen Klopp previously expressed regret that his father wasn’t alive to see him win the most important trophies of his life and now he stands having lost his mother too

It is at times like these a human is laid bare with nowhere for the emotions and feelings to go and it is at times like this that the sadness is felt at its worst. Jurgen Klopp lost his mother Elisabeth Klopp today and will not be able to attend her funeral because of travel restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is truly heartbreaking to hear and even more excruciating for the person undergoing this trauma.

“She meant everything to me” said Jurgen Klopp in a German newspaper dedication to his deceased mother

Jurgen Klopp was the youngest child born to father Norbert Klopp and mother Elisabeth Klopp and has two other siblings Stefanie and Isolde. His father was a coach too and he was the one who pushed Klopp on in every step of his career and was the one who guided him through criticism and feedback. Jurgen Klopp lost his father in the year 2000 and now loses his mother this year. To make matters worse, with the travel restrictions imposed on United Kingdom flights, Jurgen won’t be able to travel to Germany to attend her funeral. He has said that he will conduct a wonderful commemoration once when circumstances will allow him to.

He has previously expressed his regret in his father dying before not being able to see him win the most important trophies of his life. The past week’s performances and his general demeanor could be understood taking this into consideration.  


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