How to get free Justice Fighter Gloo Wall Skin in Free Fire from Jai’s Farewell Party

Jai's Farewell part event has been started yesterday i.e., on July 19 and eds on July 25. The event features a free permanent Jai character and Justice Fighter Gloo wall skin and those can be redeemed via magazines as tokens of exchange.

jai gloo wall skin in free fire

Free Fire developers often launch new events and regular updates to keep players engaged in the game. Recently, Jai’s Farewell Party event was launched featuring free guns skins, and a Free Gloo wall skin in Free Fire which is titled ‘Justice Fighter Gloo Wall.’ This article is a guide for players on how to obtain free skin from the newly added event.

Gloo wall is one of the great additions that the developers have introduced to the game. They act as a protective shield when players have a high risk of getting knocked down by their opponents. Despite their uses, the gloo wall has various cosmetics featured in the game and there are more to come in the future. They are so appealing and players are desperate to get them. But most of them are not available for free and they have to be bought using diamonds, sometimes they are rather expensive. Since all players could not afford to pay such a high price for their loved skin, they often settle in with low-level skins. But redeem codes and some events are a saviour for those people where they can get free skins in the game. Jai’s Farewell Party is such an event and it is introduced in the game as part of the Jai character removal from the in-game store.

jai gloo wall skin

Justice Fighter Gloo wall skin in Free Fire (Jai’s Farewell party)

justice fighter gloo wall
jai gloo wall skin

Jai is a character in Free Fire which is based on Indian film star Hrithik Roshan. Unfortunately, the makers are departing the character from the in-game store from July 31 which is now available for 499 diamonds. Jai’s Farewell party is an event that is set to bring several skins for free and are available by completing some missions.

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The event had commenced on July 19 and goes live until July 25. During the event, players have to play the game according to scheduled missions to collect gold and normal magazines to redeem the available rewards in the event, including the Jai character and Justice Fighter Gloo Wall skin.

justice fighter gloo wall
free gloo wall skin

The magazines are available after certain missions are achieved by playing the game. Each reward required a specific number of magazines. After collecting the required number of magazines, you need to exchange them to collect your favourite reward from the event through the exchange store. Otherwise, Plyers can share the event to get the golden magazine via Facebook. When anyone clicks the link that you had shared, a gold magazine will get credited to your account. Other rewards in the event store include:

jai's farewell party
free fire justice fighter gloo wall skin
  • Jai character (Permanent) – available for 18 normal magazine AND one gold magazine
  • Justice Fighter Gloo Wall – available for 18 normal magazines and one golden magazine
  • Justice Fighter Gun Box – available for 5 normal magazines
  • Justice Fighter (Top) – available for 9 normal magazines
  • Justice Fighter (Bottom) – available for 8 normal magazines
  • Justice Fighter (Shoes) – available for 6 normal magazines
  • 100x Memory Fragment (Jai) – available for 2 normal magazine

With that one magazine, you can redeem the Justice Fighter Gloo Wall skin. It is worth noting that the Gloo wall skin is only redeemed when you have a permanent Jai character. f you do not have the permanent character, you cannot redeem the gloo wall skin. You can only redeem the Jai character instead of Gloo wall. The solution for this is that you have to buy the character from the store for 499 diamonds.

Note: The rewards can be exchanged from the store only from July 24

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