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Serie A: Juventus vs Sportiva Salernitana player ratings as Juventus earn a home win against Salernitana by 2-0 at full-time

Juventus vs. Sportiva Salernitana: Juventus faces Sportiva Salernitan at the Allianz stadium in Matchday 30 of Serie A.
Dybala opened the score for Juventus within just 5 minutes. Vlahovic doubled the lead making it 2-0 at half-time. Neither of the teams could get a goal in the 2nd half and the game ended 2-0 at full-time.
Let’s have a look at the player ratings for Juventus vs Sportiva Salernitan match:

Juventus vs Sportiva Salernitana Player Ratings


Szczesny (7.6/10): The Juventus Keeper got very little to do throughout the game. The away team only made 1 shot on target so he had to make the least effort.
Luca Pellegrini (6.7/10): Pellegrini provided good support at the wing. He had a great game today.
Giorgio Chiellini (6.4/10): The captain made some strong blocks and also contributed well trying to make the header clearances. He played a good part today.
Matthijs De Ligt (6.7/10): He had a decent game tonight where he made crucial tackles. He also made a few good clearances ahead.
Mattia De Sciglio (7.5/10): De Sciglio covered the wing well making the run forward. He provided a good assist coming forward.

Danilo (7.2/10): He managed to good push ahead moving on with the attacking flow well. He contributed helping up in the defense region as well.
Arthur (6.4/10): Arthur was sharp in midfield converting helpful passes. He had a decent game today.
Adrien Rabiot (6.8/10): Wasn’t much involved in the game properly. He seemed to be lazy making the run.
Juan Cuadrado (7/10): Cuadrado made a continuous push ahead as always. He was making a tremendous run from the wing drawing the crosses.
Paulo Dybala (7.6/10): The in-form striker scored the 1st goal within just 5 minutes. He attempted a few shots that really troubled the keeper.
Dusan Vlahovic (8/10): Provided an early assist in the game and scored a goal later on. He seemed dangerous in the attack trying to hit every shot on target and was involved in both the goals.

Rugani (5.9/10): was actively involved in the defense replacing Chiellini and did well after entering in the 2nd half.
Morata (5.7/10): He didn’t make much difference after entering and was poor in the attack.
Bernardeschi (5.9/10): He didn’t provide much of an effort as he entered late into the game.
Kean (5.8/10): Couldn’t provide much of an effort as he entered late on the field.
Miretti (5.7/10): Couldn’t provide much of an effort as he entered late on the field.

Sportiva Salernitana

Luigi Sepe (5.8/10): Salernitana goalkeeper had a poor game tonight as the Juve hammered 2 goals against him. He managed a few saves that were on target.
Pasquale Mazzocchi (6.2/10): Had a bad game today. He still tried his level best to convert some good crosses.
Norbert Gyomber (6.5/10): The Sportiva CB was sharp in the defense. He managed some good tackles
Federico Fazio (6.1/10): He managed some good tackles but still it was a bad night for them. Played a helpful part overall.

Matteo Ruggeri (5.4/10): He also was in poor form tonight. He tried his best to push ahead but didn’t manage some good crosses.
Ivan Radovanovic (5.6/10): Ivan held his midfield position well but had a poor game. He managed some good ball tackles though.
Lassana Coulibaly(5.5/10): Performed poorly today and created too much gap allowing the attacks to get past easily. I received the 1st yellow of the game
Federico Bonazzoli (6.2/10): He created some good attacking partnership but lost ball possession quite often. He couldn’t get any chances on target.
Diego Perotti (6.2/10):
Perotti did some good attacking but couldn’t gather the shots past Szczesny. He played a good part today.
Nadir Zortea (5.8/10): Zortea was also in a bad form today. He couldn’t manage the passing flow and lost possession.
Milan Duric (6.3/10): The Sportiva captain provided a satisfying performance today. He won some excellent aerials.

Ederson (6.4/10): Covered the midfield quite well and was actively involved soon after entering the game.
Verdi (6/10): Managed some good passes and settled well after entering.
Ribery (5.7/10): He didn’t make much difference after entering. Had poor gameplay.
M.Coulibaly (5.5/10): He entered the field within the closing minutes & didn’t get to play much.
Mikael (5.5/10): He entered the field within the closing minutes & didn’t get to play much.

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