Karrion Kross Defeats Dominik Dijakovic Before Coming Face-to-face With Champion Keith Lee


At the main event of this week’s WWE NXT, Karrion Kross dominated and decimated Dominik Dijakovic in a singles match. He then came face to face with Keith Lee to end the show.


As announced a couple of days ago, Karrion Kross faced Dominik Dijakovic in the main event of this week’s show. The Herald of Doomsday dominated most of the match. And finally secured his win after trapping Dijakovic in the Kross Jacket.

The two superstars went head-to-head before the match started. Dominik Dijakovic tried to take over with some ground moves but ended up receiving a big boot to the face. Karrion Kross continued his assault, but Dominik Dijakovic fought back with a series of punches. Dijakovic then delivered a spinning heel kick to slow down his opponent. However, The Herald of Doomsday soon recovered and delivered a DDT.

Between the match

Dijakovic hit Kross with a suplex followed by a choke bomb for two. Karrion Kross hit back by throwing Dijakovic into the steel steps and trapping his head between the steps and the steel post. He then knocked Dijakovic out with a running boot and dragged him back to the ring. Karrion Kross kept on punishing Dominik Dijakovic even after the WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee walked out to the ramp. Karrion Kross then swiped at Lee before trapping Dominik Dijakovic in the Kross Jacket to win the match.

After The Match

After the match, Keith Lee rolled up into the ring to check on his friend. Karrion Kross, on the other hand, keeps on staring at Lee as the crowd continues to boo him. Scarlett joins her partner at the ringside and laughs at Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee. The medical team walks out to the ring to check on Dominik Dijakovic as the show goes off-air. According to various reports, Keith Lee could call out Karrion Kross in the next episode of WWE NXT.



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