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Lagno wins Women’s Speed Chess Grand Prix Leg 3 against Yifan

On Sunday evening, GM Kateryna Lagno, Russian player won the 3rd leg of FIDE “Chess.com” Women’s Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix against World No.1 GM Hou Yifan from China. Yifan lost the match because of a dramatic mouse slip.

Both the players were tied with 5.5 points but Lagno won the crunch game. Lagno was in lead by 5-2 and then Yifan climbed up with the straight three wins in a row.

But the mouse slip by World No.1 leads Lagno to win the game.

Earlier Iran’s Sarasadat Khademalsharieh was beaten by Alexandra Kosteniuk (the fellow citizen of Lagno) by 7-4.

The final leg will start from July 15 featuring Indian Knoeru Humpy and Dronavalli Harika and the super final on 20 July having the two highest scorers of the series.

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