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“You gotta be consistent”: Kawhi Leonard disappointed over poor form of LA Clippers

Kawhi Leonard upset over loss over Pelicans

Kawhi Leonard

The LA Clippers are back to be at the slump. Ever since the All-Star, they have been on a poor run. Before the break, the team had managed to get off the hook and win their last matches. Since the regular season has commenced after the weekend, the team has lost track. Even with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George the team failed to clinch victory. They are now 4th placed team of WC with a 25-15 record. Their recent loss has forced let Kawhi Leonard down. He expressed his grief regarding the poor form once again.

The Clippers locked horns with New Orleans Pelicans earlier today. However, they faced yet another back lash in their endeavour. Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and Lonzo Ball scored 20+ points each. But the major highlight moment in the game was when Jaxson Hayes dunked over Reggie Jackson. It was such a poster dunk when Hayes tapped his head after the play with a rough stare down. But the main focus still remains to be the destitute performance from Clippers. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George could not create any impact in the game. Hence the game closed at 135-115 by the end of regulations.

Kawhi Leonard concerned over LA Clippers performance

The Pelicans thrashed Clippers today. This is very rare sight when a 4th seeded team was lashed around by a 11seeded one. Kawhi expressed his views in the post interview. He said, “It’s very concerning. If we want to have a chance at anything, you gotta be consistent. That’s what the great teams do, they are consistent. They have nights when the energy isn’t there, but it’s all about consistency.” According to Klaw, the defensive efforts killed the team overall.

The defense for the team has been absolute disaster. They lack the defensive hustle. Especially, there is no one to meet Zion Williamson’s strength. Even the team failed to shuffle across the open shooter. This Ingram and Ball had huge numbers on board. The Pelicans shot 65.4% in the night. Kawhi’s concern is very legitimate. This is a serious issue that Clippers need to fix asap.

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