“My goal is to be the greatest of all-time,” Kayla Harrison admits that she is chasing Amanda Nunes

Kayla Harrison admits that she is chasing the UFC two-division women's champion Amanda Nunes to beat her and prove she is the G.O.A.T of MMA.

Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes
Kayla Harrison and Amanda Nunes

The American Judo sensation and winner of Professional Fighting League (PFL) women’s lightweight championship tournament, Kayla Harrison displayed dominating performance in PFL 3 against Mariana Morais last night.

Harrison is currently focused on the PFL season lying ahead of her but the two times Olympic Gold Medalist and World Championship Gold Medalist wants to lock horns with the greatest women’s fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes.

After her win against Morais in the post-fight press conference, Kayla Harrison says, “My goal is to be the greatest of all-time, she is currently the greatest of all-time. The biggest compliment I could give to Amanda is I hope to fight her one day.”

“That’s the best compliment I could give her because that means she’s the GOAT. She’s what we’re all chasing.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

Harrison continued, “Having said that, my goal is to be PFL champion right now. I have very tough opponents in front of me. It’s no easy feat to complete a season. It’s a lot of fights back-to-back, quick turnarounds.”

“It’s hard on your body. It’s hard on your mind. So I’m mentally preparing for that, and I take it one fight at a time. But the goal is to be the greatest of all time, so whoever I have to fight to do that, that’s what I want to do.” {H/T MMA Junkie}

Kayla Harrison was surprised by Mariana Morais’s approach

Kayla Harrison
Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison was betting favorite in this fight but in the start Mariana Morais came down aggressively and that left Harrison to do readjustments. But the fight only lasted around 90 seconds and Harrison secured a TKO victory.

She added, “I actually was surprised she kind of tried to throw me, it was a short fight, but in the first 90 seconds, she went for a head-and-arm toss or something, and I was like, ‘Unbelievable.’ I was in shock, so that’s when I had to take her down.”

Kayla Harrison is one of the strongest contenders around the world and if she ever got a chance to fight with Amanda Nunes it is going to be a really interesting fight.

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