Keith Lee teases WWE return

WWE Superstar Keith Lee has teased a WWE return. He has been missing from WWE TV since February and the reason for his absence is still unknown.

keith lee
Keith Lee might soon be back on WWE Raw

The Limitless One, Keith Lee, has been missing from WWE since February. He wasn’t cleared to compete and this costed him the WWE United States title and also an appearance at the Showcase of Immortals – Wrestlemania.

The reason for Lee not being cleared to compete is still unclear. Even Lee has not been active on social media since February. But he has provided updates to his fans at regular intervals, and assured them that he will be back. Lee has ensured that too much information isn’t revealed but at the same time hasn’t allowed the WWE Universe to forget him.

Keith Lee recently took to Twitter to provide an update to his fans. He has teased a potential return to WWE.

Lee’s tweet might refer to him clearing the medical test with WWE. If this turns out to be true then we might soon see him back on WWE TV.

Keith Lee could return to WWE Raw

keith lee
Keith Lee was set to win the US title

In one of the few tweets that Lee has posted in the last few months, Lee was hinting his WWE return. There was no cryptic text, but just an image. The image was from WWE NXT TakeOver: WarGames. It showed Keith Lee walking out of a stage door.

Since the image was posted, the speculations regarding Lee’s return gained massive traction. In some ways, the image of Lee walking out of the stage could be signifying that Lee has freed himself from the issues that he has been facing since the last few months.

Keith Lee was set to win the WWE United States Championship at WWE Elimination Chamber, defeating Riddle and Bobby Lashley. But he was suddenly removed from the card and Riddle won the title against Lashley in a singles match.

Since then, Lashley has gone on to win the WWE Championship. Whereas Riddle lost the title to Sheamus at Wrestlemania 37 and has now formed an unlikely team with Randy Orton. It would be interesting to see that who Lee goes after, once he is back on WWE.   

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