The Brooklyn Nets are the most hyped team right now in the league. After assembling a super team, they are marching all ahead in quest of the championship title. The fans have just seen a cameo of the Brooklyn Nets big 3 till now. They are yet to see the best out of the arguably greatest team of All-Time. But the injury scared has forfeited the players from getting on the court in the franchise uniform.  After Kevin Durant, James Harden has followed him to the bench with hamstring issues. NBA analyst, Kendrick Perkins highlighted the same while pointing out the concerns over their injury.

The Brooklyn Nets have been impressive despite being injury prone this season. After Kevin Durant was side lined with hamstring strain, James Harden too hit the bench with hamstring issues. However, Harden’s issue is a minor one and he soon to return back to the squad with more time on court. The Nets played Knicks yesterday. Harden was on the court for 4 minutes but it was a wise decision to call him off the court. Kyrie Irving had 40-points and Nets got a victory by 2-points.

Kendrick Perkins pointes bigger concern for Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets have managed to keep themselves intact in top two spot despite playing without their full strength. NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins said, “They are going to weather the injuries in the regular season. But I do have concerns because the playoffs are in the near future and one thing that you have to have is chemistry. We all know that James Harden, Kyrie, and KD could go out there and get buckets at any given time, but the chemistry is for the others, how they are going to fit in. Because I am watching Jeff Green, whose playing phenomenal right now.”

He added, “Joe buckets, Joe Harris, whatever you want to call him, he’s putting in work right now. So, to have the Big Three up altogether one time will affect the others. I want to see how that’s going to be because you need the chemistry. You need guys being stars in a row.”

KD is set to return back in a week or two while Harden’s return has no fixed timeline. A lot of title contending teams have emerged in the EC. The only way to keep them afloat is winning against them. These teams will also pose a great thereat in the playoffs.

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