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Popular YouTuber, ‘Ketan (K18)’ reveals BGMI iOS release date in India

Ketan, aka K18 Gaming is a prominent PUBG Mobile Hindi commentator and YouTube vlogger. Ketan unveils the BGMI iOS release date in India in one of his recent vlogs.

Ever since the Battlegrounds Mobile India game was announced by Krafton for Android users, App store users are flooding the internet asking about the BGMI iOS release date in India.


Battlegrounds Mobile India is a Battleroyale game designed exclusively for the Indian region by Krafton, contains almost all aspects of PUBG Mobile. The game’s title was announced on May 13th and released pre-registrations for only Android devices on 18 of the same month. After a month, Krafton rolled out Early access for only Android users. Later, after 15 days, the game has launched officially on Google Play Store and a periodic update 1.5 updates had already been released. With such quick developments and progress, the developers have left no word regarding iOS users. The iPhone users are quite unhappy and disappointed with this.

Several speculated release dates are revealed on the internet but none turned out to happen in reality. But recently, Ketan, aka K18 Gaming, a popular Youtube vlogger and caster for PUBG Mobile, revealed that the game would not release any sooner.


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Ketan reveals BGMI iOS version release date in India

Ketan Commentary at PMCO 2020

Ketan, K18 is a prominent Indian Hindi PUBG Mobile caster and is a Content Creator for 8Bit Creatives. He is also a prominent Youtube vlogger. In one of his recent vlogs, he spoke about the BGMI release on iOS devices. He mentioned that the game would take a much longer time to get released on the app store and he suggested players get Android devices for the upcoming BGMI India series 2021. Ketan expressed his views on BGMI iOS Release Date in India with the following words (translated from Hindi – may contain some mistakes):

“According to what I have heard and read on the Internet, the game would take months to release on the app store. Share this news with your friends and if it releases soon, that would be a surprise but I don't think so. The game would release after BGIS 2021, which concludes at the end of September, 2021. Buying an Android device would be better as of now."
"I know this is a sad news, but still there are people who are in hopes of seeing the game released on iOS, but the game released after BGIS."

(TimeStamp: From 5:35 seconds to 6:20 seconds)

So, as mentioned by Ketan, the game takes some more time to be launched on iOS devices. We suggest players not be misguided with things like ‘iOS pre-registrations on the internet. All sources which claim that they will provide the iOS game of BGMI are false and misleading.

Earlier this month, Krafton has mentioned in July Patch notes that the game is getting crashed while accessing in-game elements on some iPad devices, but the word iPad was removed shortly. Several sources have suggested that the game is under the testing phase on the iOS platform, which is not officially confirmed. Krafton support section replies to a query of the release date of BGMI on iOS, in which they state that they would inform the users of any progress regarding the context.

There are several players who bought iOS devices who only desires to enter BGMI eSports after the release. All their hopes and expectations haven’t touched Krafton’s mind. It would be surprising and a happy moment for all to see the game launched on iOS before the tournament enters higher stages like online qualifiers.

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