“Let it be known”: NBA legend Isiah Thomas reacts to Kevin Durant’s phenomenal performance against the Indian Pacers

Kevin Durant pours 42 as Brooklyn Nets emerge victorious at Indianapolis

Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin

The Brooklyn Nets sealed one of their best wins in the league so far with under Kevin Durant’s leadership. After a good comeback, Kevin Durant had failed to dominate the games he used to. While some fans predicted his end was near, a lot of analysts criticised him. Brooklyn Nets arrived at Indianapolis without James Harden and Kyrie Irving today. Yet they managed to pull off a victory following Kevin Durant’s immense impact in the game. Many players reacted to his performance while former NBA legend Isiah Thomas heaped praises to Kevin Durant on social media.

The Brooklyn Nets and Indiana Pacers were neck to neck until the slim reaper came to action. Nets defeated Pacers 113-130 with some sheer dominance from the big men in the team. Kevin Durant scored 42 huge points and also had 10 assists getting him a double-double. Young Alize Johnson was impressive again pouring 20 points and getting 21 rebounds under the board. Kevin Durant shot 16-24 from the field while going for 2-4 beyond the arc. KD shot a perfect 8-8 from the free-throw line. The Pacers were contained with aggressive defense from Landry Shamet and Tyler Johnson. Former Nets guard Caris LeVert could score 36 points which eventually was sort.

Can Kevin Durant lead the super team towards a title?

Kevin Durant’s move to Brooklyn Nets was condemned by the fans. After having win twice at the Dubs, KD still considered this move. Here at the Nets, Kevin Durant along with Kyrie Irving established a super team. After his super performance tonight, many players showered their praise on Kevin Durant. Former NBA legend Isiah Thomas and Kendrick Perkins were left awed with his performance. KD became the first player with 40+ points and 10 assists while shooting 65% since 1980.

The Brooklyn Nets are currently seeded at #1 in the east. Kevin Durant’s successful tenure has made him a great leader in the game as well. Durant is desperate to get his hands on the 3rd championship title as well. He has teamed up with the best players in the league right now in their quest for the title. Hopefully, Kevin Durant is successful leading to team to this glory.

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