Kofi Kingston is used to being a last-minute replacement

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston says he is used to being a last-minute replacement. Kingston replaced the Miz inside the Elimination Chamber.

Kofi Kingston is a part of the WWE Championship match at Elimination Chamber

One the go-home episode of WWE Raw for Elimination Chamber, Kofi Kingston replaced The Miz for the WWE Championship. The WWE Universe was quick to notice that they have seen a similar situation before.

Kofi Kingston’s WWE Championship journey started after an impressive match inside the Elimination Chamber. Now, once again he will be entering the dreaded structure. Kingston, recently, addressed this similarity to his “KofiMania” run.

The Grand Slam Champion, recently appeared for an interview with Instinct Culture by Denise Salcedo, where he compared his current run to his Wrestlemania run. “It feels real familiar. I’ll tell you that it feels real familiar. When Adam Pearce, Mr. Pearce, you know as I like to call him, said that there’s going to be an Elimination Chamber full of former WWE Champions, I was sitting there waiting for my call. You know, and it never happened.”

Kingston was not among the initial WWE Superstars who were announced for the match. But MITB contract holder, The Miz removed himself from the match, which earned Kingston a spot in the match.

…somehow fate has a funny way of kind of correcting things and making things right, so I’m just happy to be in one of the pods this year…That’s the kind of match that you want you know as a performer, you want to be in there with all the best, you know, so there’s going to be one that I’d have to earn for sure anybody that’s gonna have to earn it. So I think it’s gonna be a fun one.”

Kofi Kingston’s Elimination Chamber experience

Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan inside the Elimination Chamber

Kingston believes that Elimination Chamber is one of the most brutal PPV’s of the year. But the brutality and the violence is what makes the match more appealing for the viewers.

“You know that you’re gonna leave in pain because everything in there there’s no give like chains out there are like they’re pulled like real tight. There’s no give whatsoever…like every time that you hit the ground, it hurts, but your adrenaline is what kind of like keeps you through now it’ll be different because we don’t have like the energy of the live crowd there, but we do have the Thunderdome, we have we can see people on the screens which really does help, and I’m sure everyone loves to get to see a live show, so I’m looking forward to it.”

The steel structure was given a design change recently, but despite that, the steel structure remains painful.

WWE Elimination Chamber airs live on 21st February, 2021.

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