Krafton announces BGMI Freedom Face-Off with 1.5 lakhs INR prize pool

Krafton is all set to host BGMI Freedom Face-Off on 15th August,2021 where 16 teams are set to participate. Read the article to know more.

Krafton announces BGMI Freedom Face-Off with 1.5 lakhs INR prize pool
BGMI Freedom Face-Off

Several speculations were doing round the internet about BGMI hosting a streamers battle on the occasion of 75th Independence Day, the rumours have proved to be true as Krafton has announced BGMI Freedom Face-Off to celebrate the spirit of Independence.

Prior to the launch of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton had promised the Indian fans that they’ll bring some unique and exciting events especially for the Indian players. With this announcement, Krafton wishes to make BGMI more than just a game. Independence Day is the most important occasion for every Indian and Krafton hosting a streamers battle on the same day will certainly boost the popularity of BGMI eSports.

Krafton has given us a glimpse of the event through the latest video posted in the official social media handles of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Let us know some more details on BGMI Freedom Face-Off.

BGMI Freedom Face-Off: All you need to know!

Krafton announces BGMI Freedom Face-Off with 1.5 lakhs INR prize pool
BGMI Independence Day Event

The event announcement was teased earlier today on the official YouTube channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The teaser reveals the number of teams that are set to participate and the prize pool figure. This would be the third official event of BGMI and second organized by Krafton, considering that BGMI India Series 2021 is still in its registration phase.

The officials of BGMI posted on their Instagram handle-

16 Teams and One Game! BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA.This Independence Day, watch your favorite teams battle it out in the battlegrounds in the ultimate Freedom Face Off! 

They further added-

Watch out as the heroes storm the battlefields on 15th August and fight for victory! Set your reminders for 12 PM and get set to witness the action in all its glory!

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According to the social media post and the video posted, a total of 16 teams are set to participate in this event although the teams haven’t been revealed yet. These teams will be battling for a prize pool of 1.5 lakhs INR. The event is set to take place on 15th August, 2021 at 12 PM and will be streamed on the official youtube channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Krafton announces BGMI Freedom Face-Off with 1.5 lakhs INR prize pool
Prize Pool

Krafton has also announced to give away a time-limited AWM skin with the event- Independence Day Mahotsav. Not only that, players will also be rewarded with a permanent Galaxy Messenger Set once BGMI completes 50 million downloads. Apparently, the 2nd phase of 50 million download event has been reached so players can expect to receive the permanent set shortly!

Last month, BGMI Launch Party was conducted successfully where Team Snax was crowned the winner. We saw many new talented gamers stealing the show from other experienced players. BGMI Launch Party was able to garner around 7.2 million views therefore it will be intriguing to see our favorite players back in the action before BGMI India Series 2021 commences.

However, just like BGMI Launch Party, BGMI Freedom Face-Off will be hosted for Android players only as BGMI is set to release on 20th August,2021 for iOS devices according to Maxtern and Clutchgod.

Players can follow the official social media handles of this game to stay updated on each update regarding BGMI Freedom Face-Off Following are the links to the official social media handles of the game.

  • Website: Click here
  • Facebook: Click here
  • Instagram: Click here
  • YouTube channel: Click here
  • Discord server: Click here

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