Krafton announces new patch update for PUBG New State

Krafton will soon roll out an update of PUBG New State that will fix some bugs such as gyroscope settings, audio systems and more.

Krafton announces new patch update for PUBG New State
PUBG New State patch updates

Within just 15 days of its launch, PUBG New State has achieved the milestone of reaching 40 million downloads. However, the game is also facing some errors and to fix that, Krafton is going to roll out an update that will hopefully put an end to the miscellaneous issues faced by the players.

Undoubtedly, the futuristic battle royale game has brought dynamic graphics even for low end Android devices. Engaging in a virtual battle of the year 2051, players are able to equip ultra modern gadgets and ride electric vehicles. The new setting of this game looked to set it apart from the orginal battle royale and as a consequence players were attracted towards the game. Currently, Krafton is giving away huge rewards to the players such as Chicken Medals, Crate coupons and BP to celebrate their milestone. Simultaneously, the developers have remembered to make the game more stable and refined for the players.

PUBG New State Patch announcement

Enhanced anti-cheat system

Krafton announces new patch update for PUBG New State
Anti cheat system

The new update that is going to be released soon in the game is set to bring an enhanced anti cheat system that will inform about the hackers getting banned in real time to the players. Players who will be caught using unauthorised third party programs are liable to face a ban from the game. The developers are in no mood to tolerate the hackers which is a constant source of worry in other games such as BGMI.

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Gyroscope Improvements

Krafton announces new patch update for PUBG New State
Gyroscope fixes

Several players expressed their disappointment of not being able to use the gyroscope properly. The new update is going to fix the issue where the horizontal and vertical sensitivities did not match. In addition to that, inverted controls for the gyroscope will also be added. This will help the players to use gyroscope effectively.

Bug fix for controls and squad kills

  • The following issues will be fixed in the new update:
  • Only joystick control working when using control scheme options 1 and 2
  • Joystick not working on the left side while using control scheme option 1
  • Fixing the issue of small auto run field
  • Strict action against players killing squad mates

Improved sound systems

Krafton announces new patch update for PUBG New State
Audio fixes

Players have been complaining often regarding inaudible footsteps while any enemy is approaching. Although, the developers fixed this issue somewhat at the first patch update on November 18th, on the second patch notes of PUBG New State, Krafton plans to make more improvements.

Players can click here to view the full PUBG New State patch update.

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