Krafton drops major hints on BGMI iOS release after issuing July 24 patch notes

Krafton has dropped some major hints regarding BGMI's release for iOS devices which might be suggesting that iOS users might soon be able to access the game. Read the article to know more.

Krafton drops major hints on BGMI iOS release after issuing July 24 patch notes
BGMI iOS release?

Players who had been waiting for BGMI iOS release might heave a sigh of relief as this time Krafton itself has hinted over the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS devices after issuing the patch notes of July 24th on the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

The game was thrown open for the players in 2 phases as initially the early access version was released for the players, however, iOS users were exempted from the game’s early access. Various youtubers as well as players were bound to think that iOS users will be able to access the game after the release of official version. But unfortunately, that was not the case as the game had been released on 2nd July,2021 for android devices only. Shortly after the release of the game, it received the 1.5 update which bestowed a futuristic look to the game. However, players faced several issues in the new update.

Krafton addressed those issues in the official version of BGMI after releasing a new patch note which will be available for the players on July 24th. In the same patch note, Krafton wrote something about iOS devices. Take a look at this article to know Krafton’s statement.

Krafton hints on BGMI iOS release

When a major update is rolled out, bugs and issues are quite common in the game. Apparently, players reported that they’ve been facing various troubles after the 1.5 update in BGMI such as the game shut down automatically when players accessed the menu of C1S1. Users also claimed that they were stuck in the loading screen after wearing unicorn set outfits.

Krafton drops major hints on BGMI iOS release after issuing July 24 patch notes
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Krafton addressed the grievances of the players by fixing the issues on the new patch note which is scheduled to be released today i.e. 24th July at 20:55 PM IST. However, one thing that caught our attention was that Krafton claimed to have fixed an issue on iPad devices. As you can see on the above picture, Krafton has stated “with some iPad devices”, it is expected that BGMI iOS release might be around the corner. While it is important to note that the word “iPad” was removed shortly. Players can view the notice by clicking here.

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Krafton drops major hints on BGMI iOS release after issuing July 24 patch notes
Krafton’s support section of BGMI

Nevertheless, iOS users should retain their hope for the game’s release as we got various other hints such as the updated version of BGMI India Series 2021 rulebook where the word ‘android’ was lifted which clarifies that both android and iOS users can participate in this open-for-all tournament. Krafton also updated its support section where it claimed that it will inform the users on further development.

However, an official confirmation hasn’t been provided yet. It remains unknown as to why Krafton took down the word “iPad” immediately. Is it teasing the users for BGMI’s iOS release? Stay tuned on our page for further updates!

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