Former Sri Lankan captain Kumar Sangakkara recalls the most unknown moment of 2011 World Cup


The 2011 World Cup final between India and Sri Lanka is still remembered because of India’s magnificent win.

But there was one more thing about the match that is less known some people, which took place at the coin toss, as some sort of confusion occurred between the two captains, Dhoni (India) and Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka) due to the noise in the crowd.

The former Sri Lankan captain shed light on what exactly went down at the coin toss at Wankhede Stadium in that memorable match, speaking in an Instagram live chat with Ravichandran Ashwin on his latest episode of ‘Reminiscence with Ash’.

“The crowd was huge. It never happens in Sri Lanka. Once I had this at Eden Gardens when I could not talk to the first slip and then of course at Wankhede. I remember calling on the toss then Mahi wasn’t sure and said did you call tail and I said no I said head, “Sangakkara said.

He added, “The match referee actually said I won the toss, Mahi said he did not. There was a little bit of confusion there and Mahi said let’s have another toss of the coin and heads went up again.”

“I was not sure it was luck that I won. I believe probably India might have batted if I had lost”, the former left-handed batsman further said.

Speaking on not being able to win the trophy, Sangakkara said – “whether we win or lose, we have this equilibrium on how to take a win or loss. The smile hides a huge amount of sadness, of disappointment, of thinking of 20 million people back in Sri Lanka who had been waiting for this for so long, since 1996. We had an opportunity in 2011, opportunity in 2007, then T20 opportunities in 2009 and 2012.”


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