Kyle Brandt is hoping to see ‘chaos’ in the Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders fixture in week 18

Ahead of Week 18. multiple playoff scenarios both in NFC & AFC are still possible involving Colts, Chargers, Ravens ,49ers, Saints, etc.

The last week of regular season of NFL is approaching and still, some playoffs spots are up for contention which involves the likes of Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Baltimore Ravens, Las Vegas Raiders, and Steelers in the AFC and the likes of San Francisco 49ers & Saints in the NFC.

There are 2 spots available in the AFC for which 5 teams are currently in contention to secure those 2 spots whereas in NFC only 1 spot is available for which the 49ers and the Saints will be fighting in week 18.

“We want the chaos”- Kyle Brandt

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Los Angeles Chargers

Kyle Brandt on Good Morning Football said that he wants all the chaos that can happen to happen in week 18 which will ultimately depend on the Chargers vs Raiders game. The 2 AFC West teams are currently having a record of 9-7 and the winner of their match can directly qualify for the playoffs if Colts beat the Jaguars in an early game.

If the Colts fail to beat the Jaguars then both the Chargers and the Raiders can qualify for the playoffs if their match ends in a tie and Kyle Brandt is totally up for it.

“It would be fun if both teams decide to end the game in a tie by kneeling down on snaps,” said Kyle Brandt. He hopes that both the Los Angeles Chargers HC and the Las Vegas Raiders HC could talk with each other and come upon a mutual agreement to tie the game which will help both the teams to qualify.

He also said that it is highly unlikely as both the teams are fierce rivals and would not be happy if the other team also qualify for the playoffs as they both want to knock each other out of the playoff race.

Playoff scenarios for Los Angeles Chargers

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  • The Los Angeles Chargers can simply qualify for the playoffs if the win or tie their game irrespective of other results.

Playoff scenarios for Raiders.

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Las Vegas Raiders can qualify for the playoffs if :

  1. They win against the Los Angeles Chargers.
  2. Colts lose to Jaguars and Raiders tie their game with Chargers.
  3. Colts lose to Jaguars + Steelers lose or tie their game.

Playoff scenarios for Colts

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Colts can qualify for the playoffs if :

  1. They win against the Jaguars.
  2. Chargers lose + Ravens vs Steelers end in a tie.
  3. Chargers lose + Steelers lose + Dolphins win.

Playoff scenarios for Steelers And Ravens

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Lamar Jackson

The Baltimore Ravens can qualify for the playoffs if :

  1. Ravens win + Los Angeles Chargers Lose + Colts lose + Dolphins lose or tie
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers can qualify for the playoffs if :Steelers win + Colts lose + Los Angeles Chargers vs Las Vegas Raiders game does not end in a tie.
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Playoff scenarios for 49ers

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The San Francisco 49ers can qualify for the playoffs if :

  1. The win or tie
  2. Saints lose or tie.

Playoff scenarios for Saints

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The New Orleans Saints can qualify for the playoffs if :

  • They win + 49ers lose.

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