Kyle Petty predicts a ‘Push back’ from NASCAR team owners if the organization try to introduce more superspeedway races such as Atlanta in the future  

Find out what former NASCAR racer Kyle Petty has to say about a potential push back from from team owners if they decided to increase the number of superspeedway races

2022 Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500 in Atlanta Motor Speedway

For a long time, the Daytona International Speedway and Talladega Superspeedway have been the only superspeedway tracks in the NASCAR schedule which hosted fiery close-quarter racing with the chaos that entertains you but all this happens at a cost for teams as most of the damages they incur are beyond repair.

Last week a newly reconfigured Atlanta Motor Speedway joined the Superspeedways and the event was one of the most entertaining and successful for a long time. But with this comes the hard question should NASCAR give more focus towards making more refrigerated tracks with superspeedway characters as a possibility for future success?

The answer is…it is complicated but now former NASCAR racer Kyle Petty has come forth suggesting it might not materialize in the future because of the financial burden this is going put on team owners.

Find out what Kyle petty said

Kyle Petty

Kyle Petty said that he believes there are some of the team owners who understand that the increasing craze for superspeedways such as the one Atlanta may tempt NASCAR to cater to that demand which can have a negative effect on teams’ budget which the bosses does not want to endure at any costs. So, Kyle Petty suggests that this might force team owners to call out NASCAR to limit the number of Superspeedway races held.

I think some of the fear and loathing might be though that, ‘Hey, this worked at Atlanta, there might be some mile-and-a-half racetracks that we might wanna try this with. There could come a point when the owners, and we know that drivers, perhaps their say should be limited, but owners, they’re foot in the bill and they’ve got this Next-Gen car this year that has this limited inventory,” Kyle Petty said.

Do you think at some point, I don’t know, say, they’re paying for it, they push back and say, SIX of these types of races, is enough? They could do so because they have the numbers to back it up,” Kyle Petty added.

The cost and entertainment from superspeedway races have been going up so much that NASCAR will be introducing new such tracks for sure but there should be a limit in which teams and drivers say enough is enough as having multiple Superspeedway races is not sustainable in the long season for the team as well as the drivers.

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