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Kyrie Irving’s unprofessionalism criticized by Former NBA All-Star Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley lashes onto Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving and tells him to grow up rather than taking things lightly

Charles Barkley and Kyrie Irving

Charles Barkley lashes onto another player this time and it is none other than, Kyrie Irving. The Brooklyn have been in the head line since the last season. After acquiring Irving, they brought Kevin Durant into the team. The team was looking strong until they traded up for James Harden earlier this week. The team has lined up the ‘Big 3’ as their superstars have been in a great form. Yet the criticism around Kyrie Irving disappearing and missing games has been eventful. Now the Brooklyn Nets have been having quite a tough time.

The Nets have been ripped by Hall of Famer Charles Barkley when he opened up the discussion about Irving’s immaturity. Kyrie’s absence without any reason is sheer display of carelessness. This behaviour is not acceptable at least for player of his stature. Leaving the teammates and coaches in dark and then celebrating sister’s birthday is really immaturity with the league in progress. Kyrie had many issues with some previous franchises in the past. With Cleveland Cavaliers, he wanted to be treated as a star just like LeBron James. When things didn’t go as he wished he requested a trade. When at Boston he had his issues with the players being a real tough job for his counterparts.

Charles Barkley criticizes Kyrie Irving

Barkley said, “It’s time for Kyrie to grow up. When you are making$30-$40 million a year, you are held to different standards than most of the people. He has to show up to work. We had the game on when the coach got up and said I don’t know where Kyrie is. You have an obligation to the employer. It’s really time for him to grow up and be a great player. Not just a talented player. To be a great player and be a professional.”

The situation needs a serious over look. The Nets have made minimum effort to gather any intel on the same. Or is it that the franchise is looking for a trade. If Brooklyn is looking forward to any such future discrepancy, then they have Durant and Harden already to secure what is required.

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