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LaLiga: Valencia vs Alavés Player Rating as Valencia claim top spot

Here are the player ratings for the LaLiga fixture between Valencia vs Alavés

LaLiga: Valencia vs Alavés

Valencia traded tackles against Alavés in a home encounter in this year’s LaLiga. Valencia have had a decent start to this year with a win in their two games while Alavés have found themselves at the bottom of the table with two losses.

Valencia started the match on a high as they were awarded with a goal inside three minutes of the commencement of the match. Daniel Wass took full advantage of Denis’ assist and provided the perfect start. It was later followed by beauty from Carlos Soler to make it 2-0 before first-half.

Heartbroken Alavés still had hopes and kept fighting hard but all their gallantry efforts at goal went in vain. Valencia bagged another goal, fifteen minutes into second-half. Gonçalo Guedes had just assisted the second goal and now he gets himself won to put Valencia in an inevitable position.h

In the end, Valencia won the match, thumping Alavés by 3-0. With this win, they moved to the top of the table. However, with that being said, let’s have a look at how the players performed.



Giorgi Mamardashvili (GK) (7.4/10) : Giorgi had a good game with making some really good saves. He made four saves with two coming inside the box. He certainly helped Valencia walk away with a clean sheet.

José Gayà (7.5/10) : The captain made a wonderful clearance to keep the ball away from their box. However, he also won three tackles and led the team from the front.

Omar Alderete (7/10) : Omar had an exceptional match and contributed immensely before being subbed in the 85th minute. He took care of the defence single handedly by making nine good clearances and blocked an important incoming shot. He also won several ariel duels and had a good chance at goal but was way off target.

Gabriel Paulista (7.1/10) : Gabriel had the best time on the pitch alongside other defenders. He made six good clearances while blocking a good incoming shot and winning a standalone interception.

Thierry Correia (7.1/10) : A decent looking game for Thierry as he did make two clearances when the team needed it. He also won two interceptions and four tackles which suggested he was really good at it. However, Thierry failed miserably at Ariel duels.

Denis Cheryshev (6.8/10) : Denis gave Valencia a fantastic start by making a good looking assist to Daniel, who converted it into a goal. Apart from that, Denis had a tough time controlling the ball as he lost possession on numerous occasions.

Hugo Guillamón (6.3/10) : It was a decent game for Hugo but a below average performance as compared to other players. He lost possession on several occasions and failed almost every attempt at ground duels.

Daniel Wass (7.3/10) : Daniel had a brilliant match and contributed in the best possible ways for Valencia. He provided with the best start by scoring the opening goal for Valencia in the 3rd minute of match, courtesy of Denis Cheryshev’s assist.

Carlos Soler (8.1/0) : Carlos had a lucky day today as he capitalised each and every opportunity he got. He finally got a nice assist by Guedes to make it 2-0 for Valencia.

Maximiliano Gómez González (7.2/10) : Maximiliano produced a really good assist to grant Valencia with the third goal of their match. He also had a shy at goal but was off target.

Gonçalo Guedes (8.8/10) : Gonçalo Guedes did a supreme job for Valencia and was Certainly the man of the hour for them. He produced a beautiful assist to go Valencia get their second goal and later scored a goal himself in the 60th minute to make it 3-0. After an excellent game, he was subbed in the 68th minute.



Yunus Musah (6.5/10) : With barely any time left on field, Yunus was subbed in place of Daniel. He barely got any opportunities to create that situation in your head and execute, and also too help at police station.

Uroš Račić (/10) : Uroš so far has been doing a good job. Now that he has already being subbed in the 68th minute, Uroš had a shy at goal but he was way off target.

Marcos de Sousa (6.5/10) : Marcos managed to get himself twenty two minutes of play before full-time. He had a good goalscoring opportunity but was denied by the keeper.

Mouctar Diakhaby (6.7/10) : Mouctar just got 11 minutes of play under his belt. Mouctar didn’t win any duels because he barely got any challenges but all in all did a good job supporting his other teammates.

Jesús Vázquez (6/10) : Jesús Vázquez came in as a replacement to Denis Cheryshev in the 90th minute. He barely played for any time but he oozes great potential out of him.



Fernando Pacheco (5.8/10) : The worst possible games for Fernando as he let past three goals under his watch. A mistake after the other did break his confidence and thus lead to marginal errors.

Ximo Navarro (6.4/10) : Not among the ideal matches for Ximo as he just managed to make two clearances and won an interception. However, he lost possession on 17 occasions, which eventually lead to the goalscoring.

Matt Miazga (6.6/10) : Undoubtedly, the better defender tonight amongst their team unit. Matt made 6 clearances while blocking a shot inside the box to keep them away from any further damage. He did have a shy at goal and was on target, but denied.

Florian Lejeune (6.5/10) : Florian had a good game but not the result he would’ve wanted. He did have a shy at goal but was way off target. He also had a decent track record with winning duels but nothing huge enough to make any impact.

Javi López (6/10) : A very hard game for the defender. He was to be seen taking care of the left while he failed miserably at making any attacking challenges of winning ground duels against Valencia players.

Facundo Pellistri (6.2/10) : Facundo was called in the 68th minute and in came Edgar to replace him. He did win certain crucial interceptions but was struggling to win attacking challenges in the midfield. He had a tough time keeping the ball in possession.

Mamadou Loum (6.1/10) : Loum managed to play for 62 minutes in this encounter before being subbed by Pere Pons. He had a shy at goal but was way off target and missed a good opportunity. However, he had an excellent time winning ariel duels and ground duels. He was really good at winning ariel duels.

Tomás Pina (6.3/10) : Pina too had a below par game as he had a tough time dealing with ground duel challenges and he failed to win any ariel challenge by Valencia. Pina even lost possession on several occasions.

Manu García (6.7/10) : After playing 45 minutes, Manu was called in and replaced by Luis Rioja. It was a very decent match for Many as he barely got the ball moving. He did win a few ground duels but didn’t make a huge impact.

John Guidetti (6.8/10) : The striker didn’t have the best of day’s at work. He did have two opportunities at goal with one being on target and denied while the other was way off target. He couldn’t create opportunities and was subbed in place of Sylla.

Joselu (7/10) : Joselu had the most eventful time in the middle as he was invincible at taking on Ariel challenges. Joselu won as many as twelve ariel duels in his stint.


Pere Pons (6.8/10) : Pere Pons replaced Loum in the 62nd minute of the match. Despite a short span of 28 minutes, Pere had a decent time at taking care of ground duels and tackles, which he won on several occasions.

Luis Rioja (7.1/10) : Luis played just 45 minutes before being subbed. Luis had a tough time as he lost possession on more than 13 occasions. He also did have a shy at the goal but was way off target.

Edgar Méndez (6.7/10) : There wasn’t too much time to get used to by Edgar. However, he lost occasion on several times. He did have an opportunity to score a beautiful goal but was way off target.

Mamadou Sylla (6.7/10) : A decent performance by Mamadou but he didn’t have the best time on field. He didn’t make too many correct passes and failed on challenging Valencia to duels.

Toni Moya (6.5/10) : Toni is replacing Pina in the 83rd minute of the match with barely any gameplay left. He didn’t create a huge impact but supported others around with basic passing and attempting at ground duels.