Lashley mentions the next target of Hurt Business

Lashley mentioned that there were some stars who had been considered for a role. It could be one of the wrestlers from womens division...

Lashley against Riddle

The Hurt Business is one of the most dominant forces in WWE at the moment. With Bobby Lashley holding the United States title. Talking about further additions Lashley mentioned that there were some stars who had been considered for a role.

Ever since The Hurt Business was formed last year by Lashley and MVP. They have become a rather powerful faction in the company. With Lashley holding the WWE United States Championship and Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander holding the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships.

The faction is proving to be a real force. Bobby Lashley mentioned several stars in the current women’s division.

“…we don’t necessarily need anyone, because, I mean, we have everything that it takes to get everything that we want. However, I think there’s some people on the roster that have kind of the same mentality that we have, that older school mentality…Mickie James came back with our era, so Mickie James has that old Hurt Business style from before. You have Naomi, she has that whoop a girl up attitude also…We always hear people come to us and say, ‘Hey man, I wanna be a part of The Hurt Business.’ Whether they’re joking around or not, I think they’re really serious.”

Bobby Lashley showed new-found aggression on WWE RAW

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Lashley with MVP

While Bobby Lashley has always been an aggressive wrestler which showed on RAW. In his United States Championship match against Riddle, Lashley got disqualified because he refused to let The Hurt Lock go when Riddle was in the ropes.

He went on to beat down Riddle, and by the time Bobby Lashley was done, the challenger was left asking where he was!

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