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Fortnite: ‘Leave The Door Open’ Emote Available Only For 500 V-Bucks

Epic Games has collaborated with many famous personalities in the past. This time they have brought Bruno Mars on board with Leave The Door Open emote in Fortnite item shop.

Epic Games has collaborated with many famous personalities in the past. Music artists such as Marshmello and Travis Scott. Bruno Mars is the latest celebrity to join the Fortnite item shop with the “Leave The Door Open” emote.

“Leave The Door Open” is Bruno Mars’ new song featuring Anderson Paak. It was released at the start of the month.

“Leave The Door Open” Emote For 500 V-Bucks

Bruno Mars’ “Leave The Door Open” emote is coming to the Fortnite item shop on April 3rd. At 500 V-Bucks, it’s a pretty affordable emote.

Leave The Door Open Emote

Having an iconic emote is a big deal in Fortnite right now, as many of them don’t come back to the item shop or take a long time to do so.

The new emote is likely to be used as a celebration dance. Players will be seeing this emote in the Battle Royale, even though it looks like it could’ve been a better fit for Valentine’s Day.

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Bruno Mars and Fortnite have begun following one another on social media. This collaboration is about something more than just an emote. It might involve an Icon Series skin for the Fortnite.

Bruno Mars’ latest collaboration with Fortnite has left fans wondering who else will be coming to the game in future.

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