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“LeBron James and Anthony Davis may return by the end of the month”: NBA insider predict good news for LA Lakers

NBA Insider estimates LeBron and Anthony Davis return by end of the month

Anthony Davis and LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have been one of the unluckiest teams this season. Their roster has been plagued with numerous injuries striking down their dominance level. The defending champions have been engulfed by a lot of issues that has forced their position to fall in the WC. Ever since they lost both of their marquee players, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they haven’t been able to retract from the deficit. Despite all stubborn efforts, they haven’t secured a win until their match against the Toronto Raptors. Amidst all the chaos NBA Insider has predicted a vital update on LA Lakers’ return line line-up.


From being one of the top teams in the West, they have glided down to the 5th spot. West is a tough battle among the teams to keep up with the pace for playoff spot. Meanwhile teams are making strong reason to be in the top 8 list, Lakers have been forced to slide down. With a 32-19 record, they are just below Denver Nuggets. The first injury struck their 6’10” forward Anthony Davis. AD returned from a minor injury and soon was prone to a bigger problem. He succumbed Achilles injury which is most feared among the athletes. Soon after that LeBron James fell prey to a high right ankle sprain.

Marc Stein speculates silver lining on the LA Lakers’ with LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ return

Since the absence of the players, Lakers are struggling to maintain their momentum.


However, Marc Stein said, “Davis will return to the line-up after the Lakers’ five-game Eastern Conference swing underway.” AD’s injury involves ACL tear which might just make the news of his returning unsure. With regards to LBJ’s return, it was said, “The assumption is being that he will return by month’s end and duly return to elite form.

LeBron is 36-YO and this is the very fact that his recovery might not be as smooth as the younger players.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are the being the heart of the franchise. Without their major support the team cannot make through to the playoffs. This timeline might just boost the fans’ morale to see their favorite players back in the side to rescue the situation. The next few games will be a lot to ask as the LA Lakers are exposed to the best teams of East. If they are able to get victories out of it, it will surely be a major break-through for the team.

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