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“There is nobody like LeBron”: Legendary Detroit Pistons’ star claims LeBron James is way over Dennis Rodman

John Sally terms Lebron James the GOAT

LeBron James and Dennis Rodman

NBA has a lot of criticism when it sees rivalry with two great players. The former players always put in great words in lieu of their legacy of their generation. Especially when in question with LeBron James. Many players including Dennis Rodman have laid their words to protect their generational talent. It leaves a lot to visualize when the players clash against each other. Recently LeBron James and Dennis Rodman were between a similar kind of duel about who is the greatest. Former NBA legend Gilbert Arenas cleared out his views hoe LeBron James is far better than Dennis Rodman could ever imagine.


LeBron James has proved it time and again why is called the generational talent. A player of his calibre who single handedly carried Cleveland to finals needs much more respect than he is getting. On the other hand, Dennis Rodman retired 3 years prior to LeBron’s rookie season. Dennis Rodman was one of the best rebounder and defensive player. He ruined many chances of scoring of the veteran players with his locked up defense. But is Dennis Rodman good enough to contain the king LeBron James?

Dennis Rodman versus LeBron James, who would win?

The former Chicago Bulls veteran Dennis Rodman is one of the reasons why Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were so successful. Recently Rodman claimed that he could guard LeBron James and give him a tough time. He expressed, “F*ck yeah. I would have locked his a** up. LeBron is so easy to play.” Reacting to this message, the former Washington Wizards legend, Gilbert Arenas said, “Dennis Rodman, a 6’7, 210-pound guy, wouldn’t be stopping LeBron James. Let it go… He’s a point guard. You were great at defending people whose back is to the basket.” Recently Mr. Sally spoke about Arenas interview. He said, “All that Gilbert said was true, hand check changed everything. With a physical play, being able to touch like that, they got rid of that because it worked in Dennis’s favor. But as far as Dennis being 6’7”, we called Dennis on the Pistons… big man. So he’s a big man guard…”


He added, “But Dennis was the fastest player, the most unbelievable physical specimen to play basketball. Dennis in his prime, there’s never been anybody like LeBron. There’s been Bernard King, who is the closest I’ve seen LeBron get to, it’s been Magic Johnson being able to dribble and pass and see the floor and get his teammates involved. There’s been Kobe Bryant with a laser focus, a Michael Jordan who took everything from Dr. J and all the people he watched. But LeBron is all of it. The difference is, the referees on the NBA is changed its way, they’re not caring about the defense. They want more points because now this NBA sport is focused on international play, not the down, dirty, East Coast’s physical and West Coast’s finesse… So I’m glad Dennis feels that and Dennis would guard him greatly…” In a way the 4-time champion termed LeBron James as the GOAT.

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