“Led the charge”: Hall of Famer Julius Erving pups LeBron James for carrying the charge of super teams

LeBron James get tagged as leader of super teams by Julius Erving

LeBron James and Julius Erving

LeBron James is the best player in the generation. Without a doubt, LeBron James single handed carried the team last year along with Anthony Davis to secure a title. He has received a lot of nicknames with his endeavour to achieve greatness. One of his name established by his ability to assemble great team is LeGM. His fans regarded him as GM for his ability to assemble the players who contribute to super team. Hall of famer Julius Erving acknowledged this fact and held LeBron James accountable for his ability to do the same.

LeBron James was drafted by Cleveland Cavaliers and later moved to Miami Heat in his quest for championship. LeBron James teamed up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh who were the stars at Miami. The trio was named the big 3 there. It was arguable one of the best super teams of the decade. After winning, LBJ moved back to Cleveland where he strove along with Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love and JR Smith. It was almost a super team that he had assembled getting to finals consecutively. The trend started way before Now at Lakers, he has Anthony Davis to aid his motive.

Julius Erving vouches in for LeBron James’ abilities

Many veterans are proud of what LeBron James is doing for the team other than his legacy. LeBron James is the reason a lot of young players are developing. He recently opened up on a podcast with Yahoo Sports’ Chris Haynes. He said, “When you look at LeBron and anybody he sort of picks with him… Playing with so many guys… He’s the guy who had led the charge for super teams being put together, when he put together the team in Miami. He put together a team in Cleveland as well and put together a team in Los Angeles.”

Many players like Julius Erving believe that LeBron James started the trend of super team. Today we see many teams including the Brooklyn Nets trying to achieve what LeBron established a decade ago. Many players have had opportunity to play along with Hall of famers and in a super team while LeBron James himself developed it.

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