“Kind of on nose dive”: Reggie Miller backs LeBron James and Los Angeles Lakers but bursts on players condemning play-in tournament format

Reggie Miller issues serious caution for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers

Reggie Miller and LeBron James

The Los Angeles Lakers have had a troubled mid-season experience this year. From being #1 in the West to falling down by 6 spots, LeBron James and co. have faced testing times. While they recently ended their losing streak against Denver Nuggets, a lot of questions have been arising on LeBron James’ leadership. LeBron James was benched just after the All-Star break with a high right ankle injury. Since then the team faced a slack down. Although they managed to end up with a win but they have 6 loses in the last 7 games. LeBron James missed this game with the continuing ankle issues despite playing the last two games. Recently Hall of Famer, Reggie Miller has backed up LeBron James against all odds while sharing his words of caution.

Despite the victory, the Lakers may end up in the play-in tournament round. They have been going back and forth in the western conference. As Lake show, Portland Trail Blazers and Dallas Mavericks share almost the same record. To add up to these miseries the up-coming games for Lakers are really tough. Once again LeBron James’ absence might matter a lot. LeBron James’ fitness issue is the foremost priority for the Lakers franchise. It is still a long way to go. Reggie Miller, the Hall of Famer revealed how much the Lakers are in need of LeBron.

Reggie Miller puts his views and contradicts players

The 5-time All-Star discussed about the Lakers in a recent interview. He said, “To me, it’s all about health. And, if LeBron and AD are healthy, the Lakers are always the team to beat. Now I know LeBron has been back two games… and they just have not looked well.” According to Miller, LA Lakers are the most difficult team to beat in the playoffs. They just need to maintain their fitness level to attain it. He definitely backed up Bron but again was disappointed on his take about play-in tournament method. Recently LeBron James was seen condemning the play-off games format.

Reggie Miller pitched into this debate as well. He said, Where was all this talk a month ago? Two months ago? When the Lakers, when Boston, the Dallas, they were securely one of the top six teams. Now they’re on the outside, possibly looking in… there’s a little bit of crying.” He seemed upset about players who stated hateful comments on the format.

He added, “LeBron goes down, AD goes down, and now they’re kind of on a nose-dive, looking at 7 through 10. So I don’t wanna hear all the crying.” The Lakers are barely making enough to get into the playoffs straight. They are 6th in the WC with a 37-28 record. Where will LeBron James and squad land up after their final regular season game?

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