LeBron James extremely happy with LA Lakers Championship DNA being tested

LeBron James

LeBron James along with his teammates have been pouring their blood and sweat in the recent games. Having won all of their previous 3 consecutive games in OT, LA Lakers surely displayed the championship mettle they have inside them. One would speculate, few of those spoken about games should have not gone into OT in the first place. But this is what the pressure of NBA does. 

LeBron James is shouldering a load nobody his age has before. One could say that he is playing harder now than he has in a long time. His numbers are up across the board after a slow start to the season. With Anthony Davis being inconsistent with injury, LeBron’s extra minutes have helped LA stay amidst the top of the West. 

LeBron James happy with LA Lakers being tested with 3 consecutive OT games 

King James recently commented upon his team’s Championship DNA and emphasizes upon their pure resistance to stay on top. 

“We’re playing every other day. It’s just like, ‘OK, the game is here. Let’s go out, compete and try to win.’ I have no idea what our record is, I didn’t even know we’ve won five in a row. You just go out and compete. 

“Every game is going to be its own challenge. We don’t mind playing games that go down to the wire, we don’t mind playing games where you’ve got to execute. We have that championship DNA. I mean, it’s good for us to be tested. I love that no matter who you’re playing against. Teams that take you down to the wire, make you execute, you have to be perfect defensively and offensively to win a game. It’s pretty cool. I love it.” 

Having said that, with a mega blockbuster matchup against the Brooklyn Nets coming towards LA Lakers, it would be interesting to see how LeBron guides his LA Lakers with this Championship DNA of theirs. 

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