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LeBron James won his 4th NBA ring with Los Angeles Lakers in the 2019-20 season

The NBA has seen some of the most prominent and staggering players over the years. LeBron James needs no introduction to the world of basketball. The kid from Akron came and is still conquering at 36 years, playing his 18th career season in the league, LeBron James shows no sign to stop. He mentality hasn’t changed a bit over the years but rather has eloped more aggressively. LeBron James is one of those gems in the game who have attained the best. Building legacy, breaking records, making new records and dominating the game. He is a true GOAT of the league.

Over the years, LeBron James has been creating history. He hasn’t backed out. He has inspired generations that played along him. The greatest leader is now competing for his 5th title this season.


LeBron James was drafted in 2003 season by the Cleveland cavaliers. He was named the rookie of the season then. LeBron averaged 20.9 points per game and 5.9 assists per game. LeBron James was a monster in his rookie year. He also made it to the all-rookie team.


The second year at Cleveland was a far better year for Young LeBron James. He was named All-Star for the first time in his career in this year. He had 27.2 points per game by the end of the season. He had the most minutes played in his entire career in this year as well.


The early 20’s LeBron was unstoppable. This was his career’s highest point average. King James had 31.4 points per game by the end. He was close to beating his record of most minutes on court in this very season. He in named as the All-NBA second team line-up. Again made to the All-Star.


LeBron James was growing a lot in these years. LeBron averaged 27.3 points per game. This was also the season when LeBron was named All-NBA first team for the very first time. He was nearing a great career record with instant power plays. Named to the All-Star team and bagged All-Star Game MVP.


Bron averaged 30 points per game that very season. He made it to the All-Star team once again. Repeated as the All-Star MVP. The USA team won Beijing Olympics and Bron was a part of the international roster.


LeBron earned name and respect at Cleveland. He had 28.4 points per game. Made it to the All-NBA. first team. Her was also the NBA scoring champion this season. Again an impactful All-Star season. LeBron James marked his stamp on the league and won his first NBA League MVP.


This was LeBron’s last year at the Cavs. The legend was named MVP of the regular season for the second consecutive time. He also made it to the all NBA first team with elite numbers.


LeBron moved to the Miami Heat. He joined Dwyane Wade and Ray Allen in the roster. He looked for a change and wanted to go for the NBA Championship. He also made his All-NBA first team presence in this year yet again.


The second year at Miami was crazy for LeBron. He averaged 27.1 points per game. For the very first time LeBron won the NBA Championship and assured everyone about his move to Miami. He was the finals MVP as well as the regular season MVP.


Back to back championships for James. Once again bagged the title on Miami’s roster. He repeated being the finals MVP and regular season MVP. Named to the all-defensive first team. Won Olympics at London.


This was Bron’s last year at Miami. He had made it his home. LeBron averaged 27.1 points per game. For the first team he was in the NBA all defensive second team.


James reunited with Cleveland Cavaliers. Made it to the all-NBA first team and All-star team. He averaged 25.3 points per game that year.


LeBron promised he would bring the title to Cleveland and so he did. This was his 3rd NBA Championship e but this time with the Cavs. He averaged 25.3 points per game. Made it to the All-Star. And this was also the same year LeBron led Cavs made a historic comeback against the formidable Golden State Warriors.


LeBron James averaged 26.4 points per game. This was a rough year with his groin injury. Yet he made it to the All-Star that year and the NBA first team as well. LeBron lost in the finals against Golden State Warriors.


LeBron’s penultimate year with Cavs. He had 27.5 points per game. He was named AP athlete of the year. Made it to the All-Star. He was presented the Walter Kennedy citizenship award as well. Also named All-Star MVP.


LeBron was again on the move. He went to the Los Angeles Lakers this time. However, after a tough start again faced an injury mid-season. Named All-star and made it to the All-NBA first team.


LeBron ended his plight for the title. Ended another title winning season. This time with the Lakers. He averaged 25.3 points per game. NBA finals MVP, All-NBA first team, NBA assists leader, AP athlete of the year, Time athlete of the year, Sports person of the year etc. He just achieved a whole lot throughout his journey in this single season.

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