LeBron James reaches 35,000 career points

LeBron James reaches a huge milestone in the LA Lakers latest game against the Brooklyn Nets

LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers marquee scorer and probably one of best to ever step onto the court, LeBron James reaches another milestone in his career. James becomes the third player in NBA History to knock down 35,000 career points. In the first half of the game between LA Lakers and Brooklyn Nets, LeBron dropped couple of free-throws to register himself with 35,000 career points. 

LeBron James is behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Melone. Abdul-Jabbar tops the all-time scoring list with 38,387 points, and Malone has 36,928. As it stands this season, James needs a little more than 3,300 points to catch Abdul-Jabbar. In every season of his career, James has scored at least 1,500 points and he has gone over 2,000 points in a season 10 times. 

LeBron James reaches milestone in his career by scoring 35,000 points 

In the latest match against the Brooklyn Nets, LA Lakers were left under-manned as Dennis Schroder and Anthony Davis’ absence leaves the defending champions vulnerable against the Brooklyn Nets.  

The Nets were super-hot from behind the arc, scoring more than their average. While Harden found it tough to score, their starter Joe Harris turned up big to capitalise on every Lakers’ turnover. For the majority of the game Nets led by more than 12-15 points. 

LeBron James not only reached 35,000 career points in this particular game. But also scored 30+ points in his 72nd career game. It seemed like LeBron missed his supporting scorers as the Lakers were unable to take advantage of the Nets’ mistakes. With Kevin Durant out for the Nets, it did not seem the away side needed their marquee scorer.  

Also, news came out today about the All-Star Game Captains, who are LeBron James and Kevin Durant would be leading a star-studded conference line-up. 

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