Could LeBron James’ return change the fortune of Los Angeles Lakers?

As LA Lakers crumble twice against Dallas Mavericks , the need for LeBron James' in the roster increases drastically

LeBron James
LeBron James
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Ever since LeBron James has been side lined with injury, the Los Angeles Lakers have had their worst down fall. Despite Anthony Davis making his way back to the squad, the team is unable to get victories out of their lot of matches. Los Angeles Lakers lost two of their games against the Dallas Mavericks making the same make mistake. They are 1-4 in their last 5 games and need LeBron James back in the squad. The team has been under .500 after LeBron James was benched.

Los Angeles Lakers are slumped and facing one of the worst breakdown of the season in their last 3 years. After a stagnant offence, a crippled defense has haunted them to snatch some easy victories. LeBron James has been a leader with example and inspiration. More than winning matches, he brought chemistry in the whole team. There seems to be an organized defense to offence transition. However, the flow has broken down now. The team has run out of their momentum.

In their last game against the Dallas Mavericks, Lakers went down straight off a 17-point lead to losing the game. There is an obvious reason for LeBron James’ absence affecting the squad. There in game leader has precise notion of capabilities of player while his absence has left the roster clueless. Even Frank Vogel is in a dilemma without LeBron James.

LeBron James absence affecting the Los Angeles Lakers significantly

The players along LeBron James seem to understand the tempo of the game better. While playing against the Mavericks, Los Angeles Lakers lost their 17-point lead. On the other hand, Anthony Davis is getting less numbers on the court. His offensive woes are a bit of concern for the team while the regular starts are defensively crippled.

It is getting easy to break through defense, Luka Doncic pulled off a single move to pass the ball to the free man down the mid line for almost 10 times. Yet Lakers remained clueless getting beaten up by the same move. While in the presence of Lebron, the defense ratings go up. LeBron James is not only everything for the Laker’s offence, but he sets a high bar on the defense as well. He pushes the team for locked down defense while looking for steals and transition offence.

The veteran’s presence is specifically needed to get them their lost momentum. As the post-season games near, LeBron James will be looking to make it back to the squad. LeBron James’ possible return is still under consideration.

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