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“Lebron was just a maniac”- Kevin love revels how Lebron James destroyed Kevin Durant during the 2014 All-star weekend

Cavalier’s star reveals how the King insulted the Kevin Durant in 2014 championship.

Lebron James and Kevin Durant

One of the biggest debates when it comes to basketball and especially NBA is who is better LeBron James or Kevin Durant?  Well, the topic is still debatable seeing the current scenario many people believe that Durant has slightly overpowered the King. However, things were different back in the year 2014 when Lebron James was at his peak time.  

Recently, on BSOH podcast, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Love remembers and shares the incident of how LeBron James humiliated Kevin Durant during the All-Star weekend in 2014. 

LeBron James and Kevin Durant rivalary

“Lebron was just a maniac”- Kevin love revels how Lebron James destroyed Kevin Durant during the 2014 All-star weekend 2

In 2014 Lebron James was playing with Miami Heat for the 4th time and was at the point where no player was nearby him except one player which is Kevin Durant who was playing for OKC Thunder and had the caliber of becoming MVP in the season. He was leading OKC Thunder further in the championship. Before that these two stars even met in the NBA finals in 2012 where the Miami Heat won the series even though the match was pretty close. 

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Kevin Love shares how Lebron James humiliated Kevin Durant in their 1 on 1’s

During the podcast Kevin Love shared his experience when LeBron James and Kevin Durant came face to face. He revealed that LeBron had destroyed Kevin Durant in every 1 on 1 and won all of the games against Kevin Durant. Kevin Durant didn’t win a single 1 vs 1 against Lebron James. 

“But LeBron and there’s a lot that goes unseen at these All-star games by the way – But these two had like 5 1 on 1’s in front of the guys and Lebron was just a maniac-absolutely unguardable. He won every time and I think that’s when we realized. ‘Yeah, it’s still this guy’s league for a long time.’ 

Today we might consider for a moment that Kevin Durant has surpassed Lebron James but such events never let the people forget of how LeBron James used to be in his prime time. Even though Kevin Durant due to his height advantage of being 7 foot tall and having a great build, creating fear in his opponents that he is unbeatable in the game, he lost all the 1 on 1’s against Lebron James.

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