Lee Radcliffe reveals the reason behind jersey number ’66’ of Trent Alexander Arnold


Lee Radcliffe, the manager of Liverpool kit has now revealed the reason behind the jersey number 66 of Trent Alexander Arnold. He said, “whenever a young player comes into the side, the side’s management tends to give them a higher jersey number.”

Radcliffe was quoted as saying on the official website of Liverpool, “When we get any young lads that come down from the academy, we always deliberately try to give them a high-ish number. We don’t like to give them a low number in case they sort of think they’ve made it straight away if you know what I mean.”

“When you see him now lifting trophies and celebrating with 66 on the back, it’s a weird feeling and I can’t really describe it. It’s weird to see such a high number and for someone to be happy with it,” he added.

In just 21 years Arnold has made his name at Liverpool. However, he is wearing number 66 whenever he plays. As with this jersey number, he has made 125 appearances and also was a part of the Championship league winning team.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all the sporting events have been cancelled or postponed.
Before the league got cancelled, in thirty years, Liverpool was just three wins away from the first Premier League title.


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