Legal representatives of Lionel Messi to file lawsuit against Spanish newspaper El Mundo after it published Lionel Messi’s ‘alleged’ contract details

Confidentiality clause or not, the actions of the legal representatives of Lionel Messi and the club are not allowing for this leak to be called a fake one and are doing more damage than necessary.

BARCELONA, SPAIN - October 29: Lionel Messi #10 of Barcelona during the Barcelona V Real Valladolid, La Liga regular season match at Estadio Camp Nou on October 29th 2019 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)
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Lionel Messi signed a bumper deal on November 2017 that would see him be at the club for the next 4 years and earn a massive sum of €555 million

The world of football woke up to a storm today as Spanish newspaper El Mundo claimed that it had obtained a copy of Lionel Messi’s Barcelona contract. The contract saw him reportedly earning €555 million on an annual basis and confirmed that his deal ws the greatest and biggest deal in the history of sports. This is his wages and doesn’t include the sponsorship deals and other endorsements and these figures are simply too big to fathom for a person who just kicks a ball around every weekend.

Messi and his legal representatives are planning to sue club members too

Lionel Messi and his legal representatives have planned to sue the newspaper and are also studying ways to be able to sue club members too. His contract with the club had a confidentiality clause and that was breached this morning, more or less confirming that the contract details which was published by El Mundo to be a real one and not some outrage material. To make matters worse, a rumoured maximum of 5 people only have access to Lionel Messi’s original contract.

FC Barcelona are also not sitting idle and are planning to file a lawsuit from their side and categorically denied that they weren’t responsible for the contract being leaked. They also tendered an apology stating that they regretted this leak of his contract and were ready to sue the newspaper too.

The newspaper claimed that in November 2017, Lionel Messi signed a 4 year contract extension and earn a potential €555 million euros at the end of his contract. The newspaper also claimed that with only 5 months left in his contract he has already earned a sum of €511 million. With Lionel Messi earning figures like these, it is no wonder that FC Barcelona is a billion dollars in debt, three-fourths of which is because of player wages.

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