FA Cup: Leicester vs Watford player ratings as Leicester progress towards Round-4 in style winning by a huge margin of 4-1 at full-time.

leicester vs watford

Leicester vs Watford: Leicester faces Watford at King Power stadium for the 3rd round of FA Cup.

Tielemans opened up the confidence for Leicester with a penalty. Maddinson then doubled the lead soon enough. Pedro opened the score for Watford trying for a comeback. Barnes and Albrighton scored in the 2nd half saving Leicestar a place in the FA Cup. They dominated at home with a good piece of attack.

Let’s have a look at the player ratings for Leicester vs Watford match:

Leicester vs Watford Player Ratings:


leicester vs watford
FA Cup: Leicester vs Watford player ratings as Leicester progress towards Round-4 in style winning by a huge margin of 4-1 at full-time. 3

Danny Ward (6.4/10):  He went into action drawing a crucial save from the incoming shot driven by Tufan. He had a good opportunity to start ahead of Schmeichel and he made the best use of it.

Marc Albrighton (8.1/10):  Albrighton played at the Right-back region tonight. He created some late drama into the game scoring the 4th goal of the game in style.

Jannik Vestergaard (7.1/10):  He was actively involved in the defence. He also headed forward more often searching gaps to make way for headers.

L Brunt (7/10): The youth got adjusted to the 1st team pretty well. He got involved well doing most of the defensive work.

V Daley-Campbell (6.3/10):  He added his name into the booking earning the 1st yellow card of the game. He covered the left-back well and was substituted with the start of the 2nd half.

Hamza Choudhury (7/10): Hamza played the centre-back position today. He had a change of role switching from defensive-mid to centre-back and his did well tonight. He made some good clearances.

Youri Tielemans (7.2/10): Tielemans gets early cheers from fans as he hammers a wonderful penalty into the bottom corner giving Leicester the opening lead.

A.Lookman (8.2/10):  Lookman was leading the attack splendidly tonight. He provided 2 key assists throughout the game and was exceptional in the end.

James Maddison (7.7/10): The key player of the game adds his name to score sheet placing the shot sweetly from the centre of the box to the bottom left corner. He made some good passes into the gap creating chances.

Harvey Barnes (7.5/10): Barnes finally manages his way towards a cool finish after a hard effort. His missed his FA cup final last season due to an injury but he provides an advantage to Leicester today.

Ayoze Perez (6.5/10): He had a decent game tonight. He gave some push from the wings but didn’t get enough chances with the shots on target.


Wanya Marcal (6.2/10): The teen managed some good touches with the ball after entering the field. He adjusted just fine in the mid area and contributed in the attack well.

K.McAteer (6.4/10): The youth looked in some trouble in the beginning losing ball possessions while heading forward. But he gave a fine effort in the end helping his way in midfield

W.Alves (5.9/10):  The 16 year old youth makes his 1st debut for Leicester tonight. He didn’t get much game-time with just 5 min left on clock.


leicester vs watford
FA Cup: Leicester vs Watford player ratings as Leicester progress towards Round-4 in style winning by a huge margin of 4-1 at full-time. 4

Daniel Bachmann (5.8/10):  He had to make most of the saves tonight but the effort wasn’t enough. The Leicester side scored 4 goals past him.

J.Morris (5.6/10):  Morris couldn’t draw much effort into the game as he stayed more often in defence failing to make his way ahead from the wing.

F.Sierralta (5.2/10):  Sierralta ended up making a foul inside the box where Leicester got an early penalty. He was lazy with the block and gave a bad result in the defence.

Craig Cathcart (6/10): Cathcart made some great ball interceptions and blocks stopping some important moves. He still had a bad game today as he lost by such huge margin.

Jeremy Ngakia (5.6/10):  Ngakia had also been poor tonight in defence. He couldn’t get enough chances to move upfront to help out with the wing.

Tom Cleverley (6.3/10): Cleverly was quite clever enough to gather some last moment interceptions providing some blocks when necessary. He had an average game overall.

J.Hernandez (6.8/10): Hernandez carried his action well tonight playing as a lone striker while changing his way towards wing sometimes.  He had a good game tonight based on the attacking point of view.

O.Tufan (5.8/10):  Tufan was seen much into action tonight ended up having a bad game tonight. He got only 3-4 chances but all of them were good attempts.

Moussa Sissoko (5.4/10): Sissoko gave a poor performance today. He lost ball possessions more often and couldn’t block the attack properly.

Joao Pedro (7.3/10): Pedro provides the 1st breakthrough to the away side placing at the top left corner. He looked sharp at the wing making every possible use of pushing the attack.

A.Fletcher (6.6/10): Fletcher helped with a necessary assist that led towards the opening goal for Watford. He was substituted in the 2nd half at the 57th minute but had a good game to remember.


Gosling (5.5/10): He didn’t make much of a difference after entering. He was poor in midfield play.

J.Kucha (5.8/10):  He was involved into the game flow straightaway after entering. He managed some good contribution towards the attack.

K.Sema (6.1/10):  He entered in the game early on today. He gave some poor passes which the opponents recovered up quite easily.

K.Conteh (6/10):  The youth got 1-2 chances but the ball and he drew some good passes with it. That was the only opportunity earned by him in the match.

S.Forde (5.4/10): He seemed pretty lost in the game not being able to adjust properly and couldn’t provide a decent effort

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