“Let’s not cross the line of social distancing & challenge the darkness”, says Cricketer Shushma Verma


Indian women cricketer, Sushma Verma has asked her fans to follow the appeal of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and light diyas, candles, mobile flashlight form balconies tonight (5 April 2020) at 9 pm for 9 minutes to fight against the darkness spread by Coronavirus.

She posted a video on Twitter in which she said “Hello everyone! I hope you all are safe at your home with your loved ones. It is a reminder of about tonight, what we have to do is turn off the lights of your home at 9 pm and light candles, diyas or a mobile flashlight for 9 minutes. Let’s not cross the line of social distancing. It is just to challenge the dark mess which is spread by coronavirus crisis.”

In a video shared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on 2nd of April, had asked citizens to turn off all the lights in their houses and light candles, diyas and mobile flashlight or 9 minutes at 9 pm to fight against this pandemic.

Earlier also during the day of ‘Janata curfew'(22 March 2020) Prime Minister has asked to beat Thali and Taali to thank the workers who are supporting the nation in this bad time like doctors, nurses, police officers, etc.

Corona was declared a Pandemic on 11 March 2020 by WHO. In India the cases have increased to 3,374 and death have increased to 77 while 267 have been cured.


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