Lewis Hamilton Appreciates Valtteri Bottas for never being demoralized

Lewis Hamilton appreciates his companion Valterri Bottas for his confidence and attitude

Valterri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton

The 7-Time F1 Champion Sir Lewis Hamilton appreciates companion Valterri Bottas with special words. The latter has been a subject of facing one of the most challenging environments at Mercedes. Driving alongside the 7-Time Champion, Bottas drives the same car as him. The former applauds Bottas for being polite and not creating a fuss about it. As Hamilton has established his dominance over the other drivers. It could be a matter of concern for Mercedes to know Bottas’ credibility to extend their legacy in future. 

But for now, neither the team nor the management is concerned or worried about Bottas. Rather they have always spoken highly of their Number 77. Hamilton had earlier praised Bottas for never being demoralized even though he finished behind him race after race.  

Over the past five years at Mercedes, Bottas has improved by leaps and bounds. He would be the first one to agree that 2020 was not his best season with the team, but considerable progress was spotted and that becomes crucial for 2021. 

Lewis Hamilton Speaks Highly of Valtteri Bottas 

When I talk about people need to give Valtteri his due respect, I think you’ve got to remember who he’s driving up against; it’s not easy being my teammate, you know. But he comes in, weekend in weekend out, with the same mentality, he’s never moaning, complaining that something’s wrong with the car, it’s always ‘I’ve got to do a better job’, and I don’t know any driver that does that,” expressed Hamilton. 

I think Valtteri… is getting stronger and stronger each year. You’ve seen this year, I think, whilst the points gap now is where it is, if you look at a lot of qualifying, it was the smallest of margins. So closing the gap in qualifying he has done already, which has made it quite challenging,” concluded Hamilton. 

There is no doubt that Bottas has shown nerves of steel getting ahead of Hamilton even after the Sakhir GP pit stop blunder. Only time will tell how he does as the 2021 season starts in March. 

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