Lightning Rod in Minecraft Caves and Cliffs: What does it do, crafting recipe and more!

The Lightning Rod in Minecraft is one of the most interesting additions to the game in recent times and is used to redirect lightning strikes!

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft: How to make it and more (image courtesy, Flowerscow )

The Minecraft Caves and Cliffs update Part I is now out for the players to enjoy and comes with many new features. In this article we take a look at the Lightning Rod in Minecraft and all its features.

Minecraft 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update is one of the major updates that the game has received in recent years. The update has changed the mountains and improved the cave systems in the game. Many new blocks, mobs and biomes have been added to the game as well, much to the player’s delight.

Down below we take a look at one new addition called the Lightning rod in Minecraft.

Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft

The Lightning Rod in Minecraft is a newly introduced block that can divert lightning strikes and is super useful for players!

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Lightning in Minecraft occurs during a thunderstorm and can cause a wide array of damaging things from fires to building destruction. Therefore, it is in the best interest for the players to stay as far away as possible from lightning strikes.

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft

However, lightning also has two significant uses. They are using the Trident enchanted with Channeling which summons a lightning during a thunderstorm and the rare occurrence of a Charged Creeper.

Players can now control where the lightning strikes by crafting the Lightning Rod and protect their houses and villages from lightning induced fires and damage. It can also prevent forest fires if used in the domain.

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Charged Creepers

The most interesting part is the creation of Charged Creepers. Players can now get a charged creeper easier than earlier and they are used to drop mob heads from other mobs that are near when they detonate. This is the only way of getting mob heads in the game.

Moreover, in PVP fights players can redirect opponent’s Trident lightning to the Lightning rod if used properly.

How to make it in the game?

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The Lightning rod only takes one material to make and that is copper. The players only need three copper Ingots to make a Lightning Rod.

Copper Ingot can be made by putting the mined Raw Copper ores into a Furnace.

Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft recipe

Players then need to arrange the Copper ingots in the manner shown above, in the Crafting table to craft a Lightning Rod.

It can later be broken with a pickaxe to relocate it.


Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft

Players get the Surge Protector Advancement when they protect a villager from an lightning shock without starting a fire using the Lightning Rod.


Lightning Rod in Minecraft
Lightning Rod in Minecraft

How do you make a lightning rod in Minecraft?

Lightning rod can be made with 3 Copper Ingots in the Crafting table.

Do Lightning rods work in Minecraft?

Yes. The new update has working Lightning Rods in Minecraft and protect players, villagers and flammable structures from catching fire, when struck by lightning.

Where to use Lightning Rod in Minecraft?

The Lightning Rod in Minecraft can be used in a radius of 32 blocks to protect structures and players.

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