Ligue 1: PSG vs Angers player ratings as a last minute penalty gets PSG a 2-1 win

Here are the player ratings for the Ligue 1 fixture between PSG vs Angers

Parc des Princes witnessed a thrilling encounter between the home side PSG taking on their visitor’s; Angers. It was a action packed game as the two team traded tackles in a crucial encounter.

The away team got a mind-blowing start as Angers managed to score the opening goal of the match and got hold of the lead in the 36th minute. It was a scorcher by Angelo Fulgini that got them the achievement.

However, PSG replied in an astonishing way as Danilo Pereira scored a brilliant goal to level the score; courtesy of a great assist by Mbappé. As the match inched towards an ultimate tie, the home side were granted with a penalty. PSG took full advantage of it as Kylian Mbappé scored the winning goal of the match and kept his team at the top of the points table.

Here are the player ratings for the matchup :


Gianluigi Donnarumma (GK) (6.5/10) : Donnarumma had a rather decent game than his other stints. He barely had the ball coming at him vigorously. He made a decent couple of saves but there wasn’t too much happening in the game for him.

Colin Dagba (6.3/10) : Colin did a commendable job with his passing as he was really smooth with moving the ball around. However, he didn’t contribute in the best possible ways but did give his all in to ensure the PSG half was clear off a goal scoring opportunity.

Thilo Kehrer (7.1/10) : Thilo did everything right and in the decent capacity. Whatever opportunity of either winning the ball or making a tackle that came his way, Thilo always stood out and performed well. However he had an off target attempt under his name when he tried to go for goal.

Presnel Kimpembe (7.1/10) : The captain lead from the front when it came to setting an example for the other players. He did a fantastic job at winning ground duels and tackles and winning posession for his team.

Abdou Diallo (6.2/10) : Not the best of games for Diallo. He lost the ground duel challenge way too many times which resulted in several consecutive possession losses. He also failed to impact the game in anyway and hence got substituted in the 63rd minute.

Ander Herrera (7.6/10) : Herrera played this game with all his might and put in all the efforts he could possibly. He won several ground duels, was excellent and accurate with his passing, he gave the long balls in with ease and also won one too many tackle attempts. A class act by Herrera.

Danilo Pereira (7.7/10) : Danilo was the savior for PSG as they were a goal down since the first half. Danilo received a magnificent assist by Mbappé and converted into a much needed equaliser. It surely kept their spirits up and helped them to go on and win those three points.

Marco Verratti (7.3/10) : Verratti had a decent game. His passing was great and so were his long balls but he did a mildly decent job at winning ground duels. He also failed at keeping the ball to himself as he lost possession on 20 occasions.

Rafinha (7/10) : A very unlucky day for Rafinha. He had one too many chances to bag himself a goal. He was off target on all the three occasions which denied him an opportunity to get his name in the scoresheet.

Mauro Icardi (6.3/10) : Icardi had a massive opportunity of getting himself a goal but he failed successively and lost a huge opportunity. He had a below par game as he barely had the ball to himself after that to try and get a goal.

Kylian Mbappé (8/10) : At first, Mbappé assisted a valuable equaliser in the 69th minute and then took the responsibility of taking a penalty in the 87th minute. and scored it to help PSG win the match 2-1.


Juan Bernat (N/A)

Achraf Hakimi (7/10) : Hakimi didn’t get too much time on the clock but he surely did a fine job at winning tackles and ground duels while keeping the ball in motion towards a goal scoring opportunity.

Georgino Wijnaldum (6.8/10) : In his short stint on the field, Wijnaldum did a commendable job at winning ground duels consecutively.

Julian Draxler (N/A)

Eric Junior Dina Ebimbe (N/A)


Paul Bernardoni (GK) (6.3/10) : It was a busy day with the gloves for Paul Bernardoni. He had some really good high claims but he seemed to be struggling alot with the long balls. He also let past two goals which cost his team the three crucial points.

Vincent Manceau (6.5/10) : An overall average performance by Vincent. He did make a good case for himself while defending the ball away from the goal but his performance wasn’t impactful in any way.

Ismaël Traoré (6.6/10) : The captain made some really valuable clearences and also did an excellent job at passing. However, the team lacked the ability to keep the possession with themselves.

Romain Thomas (6.6/10) : Romain seemed to be the incharge to making clearences and keeping the goal clean. One after the other the clearences kept coming in but all in vain as they conceded two goals in the second half.

Jimmy Cabot (7.2/10) : Jimmy was really quick with his feet. He won as many as eight tackle battles and many successful dribbling attempts on the PSG players. He also came across ground duels on several occasions and won almost every of those. Out of a rather disappointing game, Jimmy did a good job.

Batista Mendy (6.5/10) : Intercepting and winning tackles and possession seemed like his thing throughout the game. However, he had a really tough time at taking on the players to win ground duels.

Thomas Mangani (6.9/10) : Thomas was quick with his feet to come in and intercept the ball to keep the ball moving in favour of the Angers but he could do it on a couple of occasions and not too many.

Pierrick Capelle (6.7/10) : Capelle was a great player when it came to winning ariel and ground duels. However, he couldn’t be trusted with the control of the ball as he lost possession on 15 occasions.

Angelo Fulgini (6.9/10) : Angelo was one of the most active and competitive player on the field. He made several attempts at goal be it on or off target. His hardwork was finally paid off as he scored the opening goal as well as the lead goal of the match in the 36th minute of the game.

Mohamed-Ali Cho (6.5/10) : Not the best of performances by Mohamed-Ali Cho as he striked out on numerous occasions. After a low-in-confidence performance, he was subbed in the 64th minute of the match.

Sofiane Boufal (7.5/10) : His magnificent assist to Fulgini in the first half helped Angers bag their opening goal of the game and also the lead against a mighty PSG side. He also did a commendable job at winning Ground duels.


Bilal Brahimi (N/A)

Azzeddine Ounhai (N/A)

Stephane Bahoken (N/A)

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