‘Bruh I been tellin y’all bout D Lewis since bak bak’ – Lil Wayne left amazed by Derrick Lewis’s performance against Curtis Blaydes

Derrick Lewis knocked out Curtis Blaydes with a brutal uppercut in the second round of their fight at UFC Fight Night 185.

Lil Wayne

Derrick Lewis put on an outrageous show against Curtis Blaydes in the main event of UFC Fight Night 185. ‘The Black Beast’ knocked out Curtis Blaydes with a vicious uppercut in only the second round of their high-profile heavyweight clash. It is now safe to say that the win would have given Lewis the much needed boost to go for another title-chase.

Derrick Lewis left a lot of people in awe, and renowned rapper Lil Wayne was one among them. Tunechi took to Twitter to express his amazement at the ‘Black Beast’s’ performance and claimed that he had always been very vocal about Lewis’s extraordinary skillset and prowess, adding that he wanted to see Lewis perform live.

‘Dat man said dats herb dean fault!’ – Lil Wayne on Twitter

Fkn Black Beast!!!!!!“, Wayne tweeted.

He then tweeted, “Dat man said dats herb dean fault! Man slime is still unconscious as I write dis!!! Bruh I been tellin y’all bout D Lewis since bak bak! Mannnnnn Dana I told u I gotta see dat man live bruh!!!

Referring to the song Derrick Lewis usually walks out to – Wanna Be a Baller (by Lil Troy), Lil Wayne tweeted, “Slime walked off to “Wanna be a baller” after knokkin son out! pour up. I’m bout to listen to Dat sh!t all night.”

With that win, Derrick Lewis will surely move up the heavyweight rankings (he is currently ranked number 4). He also tied Vitor Belfort for the most knockout wins in UFC Heavyweight history (12). Beat that! Do you see Derrick Lewis shaking up the heavyweight division?

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