List of all the powers of the Beacon in Minecraft!

The Beacon in Minecraft can provide the following buffs to the players in a wide range of area around it.

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon in Minecraft (image via. Reddit)

The Beacon is a very powerful buff providing item that can give a variety of powers to the players within its range. Here is a complete list of all the powers of the Beacon in Minecraft, that can ne activated by the player.

The Beacon is a item that can be crafted using some very precious materials, including a Nether star. The Nether Star is a very rare item, that is only dropped by the Wither side boss. Defeating it can be quite difficult and thus the Beacon is a rare item to build. However, it does provide a variety of boosts and is very worth it to build it. Players can make 4 separate heights for Beacons, upon which depends the area of effect.

The larger the Pyramid, the more area it covers with the effect. This structure can be made with any mineral ore blocks and it does not effect the performance. Players can also make a multiple Beacon Pyramid to save space and materials and activate all the buffs at once.

Powers of Beacon in Minecraft

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon in Minecraft (image via.

When activated, a Beacon will shoot out a vertical beam of light into the sky which is viewable from quite a distance. Players can change the color of the beam by putting stained glass on the top but it does not effect the powers. Moreover, players need to click on the Beacon to open the UI.

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In this page, players can feed either one iron ingot, gold ingot, diamond, emerald or netherite ingot to start the buff. Players can then select from this list of powers:

Primary Powers

Beacon in Minecraft
Beacon Levels (image via.

1) Speed I (Speed II if level 4, requires Level I)

This buff will increase the movement speed of the player within the buff effect, drastically.

2) Haste I (Haste II if Level 4, requires Level 1)

This Increase mining speed of the player with all tools and hands inside the effect range.

3) Resistance I (Resistance II if Level 4, requires Level 2)

This will reduce all incoming damage from mobs, status effects and attacks by other players.

4) Jump Boost (Jump II if Level 4, requires Level 2)

Players will see a great increase in their jump height and the distance they cover.

5) Strength I (Strength II if Level 4, requires Level 3)

Strength is a commonly known status effect that will increase the overall player melee damage according to its level.

Secondary Power

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6) Regeneration I

This will slowly restore the health of all the players within the area and will even work while attacking.

These are all the effects/powers that the players can get from the Beacon in Minecraft!

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