List of Best Guns in Far cry 6 from each category: How to get access to new weapons?

There are so many weapons featured in the Far Cry 6 game which was released recently. Here is a list of the best weapons in Far Cry 6 from each category..

far cry 6 best weapons
FC 6

Best Guns in Far cry 6: After a long wait and high anticipations, Far Cry 6 has finally hit the stores officially on October 7, 2021. Ubisoft has received a lot of attraction for this latest instalment by featuring the Breaking Bad kickass character ‘ Giancarlo Esposito’, who is the dominating Dictator in the Caribbean island.

The game has been one of the most trending titles since the officials have teased the first gameplay, back in May 2021. This action-based, iconic FPS game from the Far Cry series has finally released on various platforms like PC, Play Station series and Xbox series on October 7, 2021, and the gamers are in love with the game. The developers have introduced high-end graphics and other advanced upgrades in the latest instalment of the FC series.

As it is a shooter game, players are having a hard time figuring the weapon system in the game. Here, in this article, players will find a list of the best guns in Far Cry 6 in each category, which was shared by Republic World so that they can clear out their doubts.

List of Best Guns in Far cry 6

Best guns in Far cry 6
FC 6
  • Compound Bow from the Bow category can be used to kill with pinpoint accuracy or to launch spectacular stealth strikes.
  • Pistola Sportiva from the Pistol secton, can be located in The western Lado by exploring the El Maraton Field.
  • 6P13 Auto from the AutoPistol category, could be discovered in army areas or purchased from Guerrilla Garrison.
  • La Varita from Resolver Weapon section, can be obtained by finishing the Yaran Story, Triada Blessings.
  • AR: SSGP-58 is one of the simplest AR in the title, and can be greatly enhanced with modifications.
  • SMG: MP7 can help you fire extremely rapid ammunition and can be located all across the map.
  • LMG: Crackle and Pop can be located at El Rayo Cinema located in West Lado.
  • Sniper Rifle: Kobracon is only available by purchasing the Far Cry 6 Blood Dragon expansion pack.
  • RMS-18 from the Shotgun section, can be discovered in goverment-personal controlled areas or purchased from Guerrilla Garrison.
  • Launcher: RAT4 Rocket Launcher may be obtained by finishing the Liquid Courage Treasure Hunt at Del Toro Port.

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How to get access to new weapons in the game?

best weapons in Far Cry 6 Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is a newly released game and players can explore the Yara, a region based in the Caribbean island. The main character would have to rebel against the cruellest dictator in the game. You can unlock or unleash new things by advancing into the game or you can find new things while you play the game. Weapons can be bought, or unlocked by completing some missions indulged in the game. You can also upgrade the weapon and its attachments for your stealth-based activities. The ammunition is spread across some areas which you can get by offending the military.

Far Cry 6 Price

The latest instalment in the Far Cry series is available in four editions, namely, Standard, Ultimate, Gold, Collector. Players can have the Game’s season pass as well. Here is how the game costs players:

Standard Edition

  • Price: £59.99 | €69.99 | $69.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Gold Edition

  • Price: £79.99 | €99.99 | $99.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Ultimate Edition

  • Price: £89.99 | €119.99 | $119.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Collector’s Edition

  • Price: £179.99 | €199.99 | $199.99 (Current Gen and Next Gen)

Buy the game from here.

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