Liverpool and Everton clash once again after October-where Liverpool’s campaign was derailed by injuries

Everton will be hoping to hope their 21 year duck at Anfield by winning today since Liverpool are depleted in strength and are also in terrible form at home with three straight losses to Burnley, Brighton and Hove Albion and Manchester City.

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Virgil van Dijk was injured by Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford by a freak tackle and is still recuperating from that injury picked up in October

Everton players Jordan Pickford and Richarlison gave long term injuries to Virgil van Dijk and Thiago Alcantara respectively through their violent conduct. Liverpool’s campaign was derailed then when their most important player was subbed off with an ACL injury and it was inevitable that they would find themselves in this position. Now they have a chance to make amends and get their campaign back on track to finish in the top 4.

Liverpool need to put together a run of 10 victories to qualify for the Champions League next season

Liverpool will have to choose the lesser of two hard ways in order to qualify for the Champions League next season. They could choose to forfeit the Premier League and concentrate fully on winning the 2020/21 Champions League. The other option is to put together a run of more than 10 victories in order to knock other teams of the top 4 and steal their places. Both of these are hard for Liverpool in the current generation-but not impossible for them.

Winning the title is a long shot and Liverpool will need Manchester City to lose 4 matches on the trot in order to usurp their place. Jurgen Klopp will atleast have an easier job of rallying his troops and get them to top 4, something which he has done in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 season. Champions League qualification is a must to keep hold of players like Mohamed Salah and Virgil van Dijk.

Liverpool return to face Everton today in a rematch of the previous encounter that derailed Liverpool’s title defence. Virgil van Dijk was injured before the end of the first half and Thiago Alcantara suffered a serious injury from Richarlison. Thiago was laid off for 3 whole months while Virgil van Dijk was injured for the season. The time missed by Thiago meant that he couldn’t be fully integrated into the team and only now is learning on the job.

Everton are above Liverpool right now in the Premier League and if that isn’t enough motivation, then Klopp cannot find anymore.

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