Liverpool target Rodrigo De Paul appoints Mino Raiola as agent- which won’t be something that Jurgen Klopp would like

Mino Raiola has a massive reputation but is not afraid of throwing tantrums and acting like a baby in front of the public if his client benefits from it. Liverpool do not have a good history with him and therefore will be wary of him.

Mino Raiola called Jurgen Klopp ‘a piece of s**t’ in public and to be honest it is not something that people easily forget or move on from. So it can be expected that there will be some animosity between Jurgen Klopp and Mino Raiola

Jurgen Klopp and Mino Raiola haven’t been the best of friends or friends for the matter as the latter has strongly criticized the former in public. Jurgen Klopp being the class person he is refused to stoop to Raiola’s level and acted in a dignified manner. But despite the façade, it is no unknown fact that Jurgen Klopp has dislikes him. Mino Raiola represents many high profile players but none of them are a Liverpool player currently, with the last being Mario Balotelli.

Future signings could be impacted by this as Raiola tends to act like a baby now and then

Liverpool has been tipped to make a statement signing in the summer transfer window and fans debate on whether it would be Erling Haaland or Kylian Mbappe. While concrete reports have been going around on Mbappe and Liverpool, Erling Haaland will be a tough one to get across as Mino Raiola represents him. It is expected that Jurgen Klopp will instead go for Kylian Mbappe unless Haaland has a change of heart and replaces his agent.

In January 2019 Liverpool played RB Salzburg across two legs and the players told Jurgen Klopp to sign Takumi Minamino. They had also played against Erling Haaland and no interest seemed to have been there in signing the far better player. So when Liverpool had the chance to get him on a cheap and didn’t get him, there might not be any chance that Haaland could make his way to Liverpool now. Now another player in the name of Rodrigo De Paul has appointed Raiola as his agent and it would seem that he will no longer be Klopp’s target.

The Udinese midfielder has impressed Jurgen Klopp according to reports by many but Liverpool have not made any concrete move for him. However just as the reports were going around, the midfielder appointed Raiola as his agent. It is now expected that De Paul will no longer be a Liverpool target.

It remains to be seen however if Jurgen Klopp is able to put aside his dislike for Mino Raiola and sign a favourite player of his.

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