Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, monthly earnings and stats for July 2021

Lokesh Gamer is a well-known Free Fire content creator on YouTube he has around 11.6 Million Subscribers on his YouTube channel. Here is all you need to know about his earnings.

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Lokesh Gamer is one of the most subscribed YouTubers when it comes to Free Fire Gaming channels on the platform. Here is Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID, stats, Monthly earnings and more for July 2021.

Lokesh Gamer is a renowned YouTuber and content creator in the Free Fire community. His channel is named Lokesh gamer that currently holds a subscriber count of 11.6 million. He is also known as the Richest Noob in Free Fire. The creator opens every single crate in Free Fire and avails most of the skins and outfits featured in them.

In this article, we will look at Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID number, stats, K/D ratio and more

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Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID and Stats

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID is  220528068.

Lokesh Gamer Stats

lokesh gamer free fire id

Lokesh Gamer’s Lifetime Squad Stats

Win rate36.34%
Headshot Rate20.87%

Lokesh Gamer’s Lifetime Duo Stats

Win rate36.34%
Headshot rate20.89%

Lokesh Gamer’s Duo Stats

Win rate36.34%
Headshot rate29.18%

CS Career

lokesh gamer free fire id
Win rate36.34%
Headshot rate29.18%

Ranked Stats

lokesh gamer

Lokesh Gamer has played 2 games in Squad ranked mode and have one match in it with 5 kills. Coming to solo mode, he has won 2 out of 2 games played with securing 17 kills, amounting to a K’D ratio of 17.00. Talking of Duo mode, he has won only 1 game that he played with 8 kills.

Note: The stats of Lokesh Gamer Free Fire stats and earnings are to the date of the article written.

Lokesh Gamer YouTube channel and Monthly earnings

Lokesh Gamer has joined YouTube back in November 2017, and his first video on his channel dates back to 7 April 2019. Since then, he has uploaded 858 videos on his channel, as of today. The channel has around 11.6 million subscribers and channel has accumulated more than 1.20 billion views.

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Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID, K/D ratio, monthly earnings and stats for July 2021 2

According to Social Blade, Lokesh’s estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $17.9K and $285.7K. Meanwhile, his yearly earnings are between $214.3K and $3.4M.

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