Lokesh gamer’s Free Fire ID, K/D ratio and stats in January 2021

This article focuses on Lokesh gamer's Free Fire stats


Lokesh Gamer is a well known Free Fire content creator from India. He has a subscriber count of more than 6.68 million and still rising on YouTube.

This article focuses on his Free Fire ID, Stats and other in-game details in January 2021.

His Free Fire ID is 220528068 and his IGN is “LOKESHGAMER7”.

Free Fire Lokesh Gamer Stats and more:

Lifetime Stats:

Lokesh Gamer has played 1195 solo matches and came out victorious in 124 of them. His win rate is about 10.37%. He registered 2129 kills in this mode which translate to K/D ration of 1.99.

In duo mode, this popular Youtuber has played about 1478 matches and won 142 of them. He carries a win rate of 9.60% and K/D ratio of 1.84 with a total of 2454 kills.

When it comes to squad matches Lokesh Gamer has played 3235 matches and dominated 693 of them, giving him a win rate of 21.41%. He has annihilated 5951 opponents which gives him a K/D ratio of 2.34.

Ranked Stats:

Lokesh gamer in Free Fire has successfully played 40 squad matches and won 10 of them which translate to a win rate of 25%. He killed 109 opponents in these matches with a K/D of 3.36. He likes to play with squad matches as it requires more strategies and playing with friends is always fun.

He has also played 1 solo match in this ranked season. He skipped on the duo matches as he doesn’t find that mode exciting much.

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