Why are the Los Angeles Lakers lacking with Anthony Davis and LeBron James back?

Los Angels Lakers drop spot in the conference after 3rd straight loss

LeBron James and Anthony Davis

The Los Angeles Lakers are handed yet another loss. After a fabulous season last year, LeBron James and co. started the season to retain their rings. But the fortune hasn’t turned around Los Angeles Lakers’ side. This is definitely the fans did not wish to see especially when the marquee players succumbed injuries. LeBron James and Anthony Davis were forced to sit out for as many as 20+ games by the Los Angeles Lakers. After Anthony Davis’ return, LeBron James is back on court. However, the returns of the veteran players are not as per plan. As the Los Angeles Lakers face their 3 straight loss, questions have started raising tension at the front office.

The LA Lakers went head on against their Canadian Toronto Raptors. While Los Angeles Lakers recorded their 7th loss in last 10 games, they have significantly dropped their spot. Lakers finished 121-114 against the Raptors today. While Dennis Schroder was benched for the game, Alex Caruso was given a start. Anthony Davis, the big man managed to score 12 points. Other big man Andre Drummond and LeBron James finished with 19-points each. The only attraction for the team was Kyle Kuzma with 24-points with his 36-minute presence. The Los Angeles Lakers were split wide apart in the defense as Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam scored 36+ points each.

Things going wrong for Los Angeles Lakers

One of the biggest reason for their recent defeat is their form. Coming off injuries, neither AD nor Bron are getting back to their prime form. As stated by LeBron James earlier that ‘it is impossible to be back to 100%’ fans have started criticizing their efforts. But fans need to understand that it is Bron’s 17th year. He is not in his prime yet making efforts to back the team up every time. More over Los Angeles Lakers have broken their momentum in the league after injury scare.

What went wrong particular in today’s game was the defense. Los Angeles Lakers are known for their locked down defense. But Kyle Lowry and Pascal Siakam just split their strength wide apart. Lowry was uncontested from the 3-point range score 37 points. While Siakam dominated under the rim, Lowry took his chances to drive to the bucket. LA Lakers are now 7th in the WC. Their previous games have been horrific. If they want to skip the play-in tournament method, they have to finish in top 6. It is a farfetched run for the Los Angeles Lakers and a steep climb.

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