Los Angeles Lakers in fear of falling out of playoff spot

Los Angeles Lakers fail to surpass Portland Trail Blazer as they fall to #7 in the Western Conference; Play-in format to over burden the team's efficiency

Anthony Davis and CJ McCollum
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The plight for Los Angeles Lakers continue as they struggle to get a win in their closing matches. The mini battle between Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers continues to trouble the team’s chance to enter the playoffs. Los Angeles Lakers have recently lost to both Dallas Mavericks and Portland Trail Blazers while failing to secure their spot on the top 6. As a result, the team is #7 in the western conference and prone to play in the much hated play-in tournament with a hope that they qualify for the playoffs later.

The shorthanded Los Angeles Lakers faced Portland today in an intense last minute game. As LeBron James and Dennis Schroder missed another game, Anthony Davis came out of his last night’s ankle tweak. The game finished at 106-101 after Portland Trail Blazers managed to pull off great victory. It was just impossible to stop the wings Dami9an Lillard and CJ McCollum shooting the ball. Damian Lillard scored 38-points while CJ busted for 21. Big man Jusuf Nurkic scored a double-double with 10-points and 13 rebounds. Despite Anthony Davis’ 36-points and 12 rebounds, Los Angeles Lakers failed to clinch a most important victory. Kyle Kuzma struggled to score and so did the entire roster.

Los Angeles Lakers bound for a play-in?

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Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis

The play-in format introduced post pandemic in the bubble has definitely upset the players. Teams finishing 7th and 8th in the league are put against 9th and 10th seeded ones to contest for playoffs. As Los Angeles Lakers descend to 7th position, they are in constant fear of getting washed, as said earlier, LeBron James has never appreciated this format. He stated whoever introduced this system should be fired. As Los Angeles Lakers face their fears, it will be testing to see how they come out in response.

The Los Angeles Lakers, if end up at play-in will have to put their players under pressure. The level of game during this format is exceptional as 8 teams fight for last 4 spots. On the other hand, Lakers will get exhausted by them. Even if Lo Angeles Lakers manage to win in play-in, there isn’t much rest available before the playoffs. They would face some tough top seeded team as well.

The NBA season 2020-21 started just after months of bubble championship. This season has also tested the fitness level of the athletes in the league. Los Angeles Lakers talisman LeBron James is 36-YO now and subject to so much vulnerability. Over burdening him with the pressure may come in handy. However, with 4 matches left in the league, the Los Angeles Lakers fans can only pray for their side getting into top 6 miraculously.

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